Monday, August 17, 2009

On the Hunt for Fall Pieces

The one item I most definitely want this fall is a leather jacket. The last time I owned one, Married...with Children was considered risque, Color Me Bad's latest cassette was in constant rotation on my tape deck, and gas cost about $1.25. Needless to say that particular leather jacket was about as cool as the Glamour Shots I had taken for my birthday.

I haven't found my leather jacket yet. I know I want one that is black, with a few zippers and a motorcycle feel. I'm on the hunt. If you see one that you think I should know about, shoot me an email at or leave a comment here. And while you're at it, let me know what you're on the hunt for. Let's help each other get fabulous for Fall!


  1. I'm looking for several things this year:
    - a great, classic khaki jacket. I've yet to find out that fits "the girls" and isn't too trendy so I can wear it more than one season.
    - a pair of multi-color or animal print flats or kitten heels. I had a fabulous pair that finally died last year, so I need a replacement.
    - more skirts! Skirts have been my godsend this summer and I'd love more that can transition into fall/winter well. If I could find a cordoroy tulip skirt in a rich, fallish color, I'd be in heaven!

  2. I love my Schott jacket. They're crazy expensive (I got mine at cost where I work), but they'll last you forever.

  3. Good point AVClayton - buying something crazy expensive but that will last forever is something to keep in mind. Buying something crazy expensive that will last a season? Just downright crazy.

  4. Tiffany- I think we have really similar taste!! I've been on the lookout for a great pair of animal print shoes for ages. I have ginormous feet though, and the right pair has been so elusive.

  5. Hey Sarah - found a HUGE selection of animal print flats...

  6. Have you ever bought anything from I've not heard of them before. Thanks for the link!


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