Thursday, August 13, 2009

Belt It

While pushing past every hanger in my closet this morning I was struck with an over-whelming sense of "Blaaahhhh." The source of my blahhhs was not immediately evident. Obviously I was feeling uninspired by the clothes hanging in front of me. But I love my clothes. I don't really need anything what's the deal? After throwing on a go-to dress that always elicits a cute waggling of eyebrows from my husband, I ran out the door still trying to pinpoint my issue.

Halfway through the day it hit me: belts! I need a couple more belts. Belts will make all the difference in making my favorite clothes feel new. And after hitting my favorite web sites, I found the belt: How cool is the Black, Brown, Silver and Gold Snakeskin Stretch Belt from Torrid? This one is going to jazz up practically any dress or top that needs a little oomph and some Bombshell definition. And because it stylishly blends black, brown and two metallics, choosing a coordinating shoe will be a cinch! And at $20, this belt's cost per wear will be practically nothing.

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  1. I just bought a Torrid belt on eBay & I love it. Hope you like yours (the colors are great)


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