Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beauty Moment- Barielle Heel & Callus Treatment Cream

Sandal season is most definitely not a foot race - it's a long, paced marathon. And as we head into August, the last official month of summer, my heels have been looking a little worse for wear. Thanks to near constant exposure to pavement and sunlight, they're dry and cracked on a good day, a little ashy on a bad. To get them back in shape (and to stop feeling like people are judging me on my callused feet!), I've been diligently slathering Barielle Heel & Callus Treatment Cream on them morning and night.

Packed full of shea butter, aloe and vitamin E to moisturize, and other botanical extracts & vitamins to to reduce callus build-up, Barielle's treatment cream is the real deal. What sets it apart from other foot creams is the way it breaks down and sloughs off calluses. I rely on my handy Ped Egg to eliminate more serious calluses, but when I'm pressed for time and need a quick solution Barielle's treatment cream rejuvenates my tootsies.

This thick, concentrated cream soaks in quickly and leaves no slippery after-feel, which is essential when it comes time to slip into a pair of 3" sandals. You won't slide off your heel and sprain an ankle. I suggest washing your hands after rubbing the cream into your feet because this no-slip formula can leave them feeling a little sticky.

For $22, you get a healthy 6 oz of product, in which I've hardly made a dent despite my twice daily application for the past week. I'm certain it'll last me until it's time to hide my heels away in boots. For the ultimate in foot softening, I've got my eye on their 60-second Mani/Pedi scrub, too - and although I haven't tried the scrub myself I've heard good things about it. We'll see. You can find Barielle products in boutique beauty stores, or order online.

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