Friday, June 26, 2009


Hey Bombshells-
A reader question about whether or not I was paid for posting about Chapstick (see previous post if your lips are as air-conditioned dry as mine!) prompted me to let you all know my policy for product reviews.

Although I'm occasionally sent products from PR companies for review, I buy and try the majority of what's reviewed here. I have no obligation to any of the companies who send products (monetary or otherwise) to post a positive review. If I don't like a product, I just don't say anything - who wants to read a blog made up of reviews for products that are terrible? The exception to that rule of thumb is when a product's getting a lot of buzz in magazines or on other blogs; in that case I'll weigh in with my opposing opinion.

The FTC is considering the implementation of laws around bloggers disclosing whether or not they're paid to review products. I'm not opposed to this at all; I think it would be great to extend these laws to print magazines, too. Transparency is good.

Bombshell Beauty was created out a passion I have for plus- size fashion and beauty products. I want to connect other plus-size women with resources for great clothes, and inspiration to develop their own individual style. And, while I appreciate the opportunity to work with PR agencies to receive up-to-date information about brands and products, those relationships are not the foundation of this blog. The real foundation is the shared love of plus-size fashion and beauty between myself and all of you.


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