Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Golf Gear

I'm a fan of almost any sport that calls for costume changes: team uniforms, accessories (like shin guards, for example), and most especially clothes that really aren't necessary but make the game more
fun. Like golf gear. Does anyone honestly need to wear a golf shirt or pants to win the game? No. And while golf spikes are certainly useful (and required on some courses), I've seen people do just fine in a pair
of sneakers.

But I believe that golf outfits make the game more enjoyable. And that it's a lot more fun to sit in the 19th Hole afterward, drinking wine coolers and replaying each hole in a cute outfit and visor. It just is. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of golf gear: Dockers Mira Truly Slimming Capris. I love these capris, not so much for the promise of looking slimmer but because they feel amazing on. They've enough stretch to allow you to bend over and pick your golf ball up out of the cup (you know, after you sink that 25 foot putt), but they keep everything very compacted. And I swear my butt looks a little perkier in these pants. Available in up to size 24, in a variety of colors. Any golfer worth her scorecard has a pair of plaid shorts in her closet. I like this pair by Lee because the print compliments Bombshell proportions and is ultra flattering - notice how they drop straight down from the hips? Yeah, that looks good. Polos are always appropriate on the links, but why not show a little more personality? This lace up stripe tee shirt is just as comfortable (and appropriate!) as a cotton polo shirt, but not nearly as forgettable. Modeled by a skinny chick but available up to 3X. How cute is this golf glove? So cute.
Women's golf shoes typically end at size 10 (maybe 11 if you're lucky). So if you're like me and have plus size feet, don't despair. You can find cute men's golf shoes, like this pair. I was told on good authority that gay men like golf too - which is great because that means cuter shoes for Bombshells buying mens' sizes. If you're buying a men's shoe, choose one that feels lighter and is cut low on the ankle. They'll pass for women's shoes once they're on your feet.

Photo credit: Kohls.com; Golfsmith.com

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  1. I play golf pretty regularly, and there's no way I'd wear sneakers to do it. Hehe Like you said, it's not allowed at nice courses anyway.
    That being said, I have a pair of white and pink Ecco golf shoes that rock my world every time I put them on. ;) In addition to feeling like I'm walking on a cloud, they're also adorable.


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