Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As Seen in Glamour

I have a lot of magazine subscriptions. My mail carrier and husband might say too many. I might agree. (I have a subscription to Town & Country. Seriously? Because I am so not the target demographic for that one.) The funny thing about my Glamour magazine subscription is that I didn't subscribe to it. I subscribed to Domino, which folded and Conde Nast figured that Glamour would fulfill the remainder of that subscription. Sure. Ok.

To be honest, I'd never really given Glamour much thought. But I really dig it. There's more beauty than editorial, and more editorial than wacky fashion spreads, and just enough humanitarian awareness to make me feel a little more informed once I put it down. And the Do's and Don'ts? I can't get enough of them.

This month, Glamour features a couple really cute plus size dresses in an article called Knockout Dresses for Every Body (pg 80). My favorite tidbit is the Don't that features the plus size suggestion: Don't obsess over skinny...Chic has no size limit. Not that we Bombshells need validation, but thank you Glamour. Check out the slideshow here.


  1. Ha - I get Town & Country too!! As for Glamour I think they have really stepped up their game lately. It has risen to be one of my top 5 magazines in the past year or so.

  2. Interesting - they replaced my Domino subscription with Lucky. I'd still really like to find a good home decor mag, though - Dwell's a bit too much for me, and Domino was such a good fit.

  3. I think I got Glamour because I already had Lucky. I've been pretty happy with G, but I really miss Domino.

  4. I miss Domino, too. So sad. Someone I know got Architectural Digest in place of their Domino subscription. Huh?

  5. Architectural Digest?? What the heck?


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