Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Johnson's Body Care Cause Party

Several weeks ago, Johnson's asked me to host a Johnson's Body Care Cause Party. The company wanted to commemorate the full launch of their new body products (Body Care) by sponsoring events across the country where women could get together with their girlfriends to raise money and awareness for a cause that's special to them. And of course sample the new Johnson's Body Care line.

My cause for the party was Stock the Stacks, a book drive/fund raiser to support the St. Paul public library system. The economic downturn has prompted unprecedented numbers of people to flock to their public library seeking free entertainment, education and the use of computers. At the same time, the funding that libraries rely on to keep their doors open and their shelves stocked is being cut. I practically grew up at the library, my parents would take my brother and I there once a week growing up. It instilled in me a love of books and inspired my imagination. I can't imagine the doors of my public library closing.

So, I invited a slew of girlfriends over for wine, girl talk, and the promise of a gift bag of Johnson's Body Care products. They responded in turn by bringing books and $$. We slathered ourselves in lotion and sniffed bottles of body wash. I'm a huge fan of the Johnson's Body Care line. The packaging is very simple, but the products are downright luxurious. My favorite is the Deep Hydrating Lotion - it contains a touch of Baby Oil and sinks right into dry skin. Another popular one was the Shea & Cocoa Butter Creamy Moisturizer. The lotion is slightly pearlescent and leaves a nice glow to the skin. It was a great evening - we had fun and felt satisfied knowing we'd done something good for our community.

If you'd like to win one of the gift bags Johnson's provided (pictured above), leave a comment below telling me about a cause you care about. One winner will be randomly chosen after 11:59 p.m. tonight. Also, check out a few snapshots of the party. And think about throwing your own version of a Cause Party. All you need are a handful of friends and someone to help out! LH, enjoying the wine and 24 Hour Moisture Lotion. DK tries to get some quality reading time in. KF flashes a nice smile. LN was our token male at the party. He was probably the most familiar with Johnson's products.


  1. I love J&J products. I swim regularly and the chlorine in the pool does a number on my already-dry skin, so I rely on J&J baby oil gel to prevent me from looking like an alligator. I'd love to try the new line.

  2. I am seriously intent on reading "Up A Road Slowly." Even better is when you click on the picture and it becomes full screen sized. Totes awess.


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