Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Black Summer Bag

Every woman I know feels guilty carrying a black purse come spring and summer. We all know we should lighten up, stash the black purse we've been lugging around since September in the back of the closet, and choose a bag in white or cream - something, anything other than black!

But you know why we carry black bags for months on end? Because it's easy. Black goes with everything. It doesn't get dirty. So how to make black more seasonally acceptable over the next few months? Easy- pick one up with an ethnic vibe. Like this: This beaded tote is part of Iman's Global Chic line of accessories. I love it because it makes a basic black tote feel fresh and funky - and perfectly acceptable May-August. The key is finding a black bag with details made of lighter materials: woven handles, light-catching beading.

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