Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Be 16 Again...

I don't actually want to be 16 again. I'd just like to have a reason to wear this dress sometime soon:
How great is Evans' Bow Detail Dress? I so would have worn this to my prom. The silhouette is 1950's at its best - absolutely made for a Bombshell body. And the pistachio color, while very retro, makes the dress feel fresh and modern. To reinforce the modern side of this look, I would accessorize with metallics: Because the length of the dress may hit around the thickest part of a Bombshell's calf, pair it with shoes that are open along the ankle. It will elongate your leg in a way that shoes with an ankle strap won't. This pair by Naturalizer features a 2.75 inch heel so you'll have a little height but will be able to walk and dance. You know, the important things. The bow detail on Nordstrom's silk flap clutch mimics the dress's bow, which is a nice way to unify the dress and bag without being too matchy.

Photo credits: Evans.uk.co; Nordstrom.com


  1. I don't think you have to be 16 to wear this dress. Would be great for a summer "event". You'd look great in it! Of course with your style you'd probably look great in anything.

  2. And I'm going to bet that any event I go to at the ripe age of 29 would not end with my parents waiting up wondering where the H I'd been all night. Not that I would have done that at 16...


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