Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Plus Size Lines Launch

Do you remember Tommy Hilfiger's last incarnation of plus size clothing? It was a lot of the same styles that are featured in his straight line - oxford button-downs, sweater vests and potentially dowdy-looking skirts that are great when you get it right, but look matronly when you don't. The last time I remember seeing plus sized Hilfiger was at a Herberger's in about 1999. It was so forgettable that I honestly can't tell you if I just quit looking for it or if it disappeared. I'm going to guess that it disappeared because Macy's is excited to announce their exclusive partnership with T.H. I like the Hilfiger aesthetic but have never thought his designs were especially body-concious. Which has me a little scared when it comes to this new launch. Untailored lines and square-cut shift dresses are not going to do any Bombshells any favors. However - I do think Macy's knows what a plus sized woman wants and is willing to deliver that. And if a top or dress is a little shapeless but otherwise cute, a tailor could work some magic to enhance the fit. So I'm hopeful that my spring wardrobe will contain a few American-classics from Tommy Hilfiger. Available online and in select stores right now. Check it out and if you like what you see, buy something - the only way to convince retailers to carry more lines in our size is to show them the money.

Cheap-chic discount chain Forever 21 is launching a plus size off-shoot called Faith 21. The line will feature tanks, shirts, dresses, skirts, leggings, and jeans in sizes XL-2XL. I'm not sure how those sizes will compare to measurements, but I'm excited about this launch. The clothes will range in price from $3.50-34.80. Forever 21 is a great resource for trendy clothes that will spontaneously combust at the exact moment the trend is over. It's not exactly quality clothing but sometimes a girl needs to pick up a trendy top for a random night out with friends - perfect for Faith 21. The store will open in L.A. (ironic, yes? I mean, do they even let women over size 10 within the city limits? Apparently.) on May 1st and will hopefully expand from there. I'm assuming their selection will be available online. More to come... In the meantime, check out the first few images from Faith.


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  2. You've got a really lovely collection of plus size clothing. They're so fabulous.


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