Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Momentary Identity Crisis

I don't know what's up, but I'm in some kind of mood where I want to make heads turn. It's not my usual look, but I want boobs and an attitude and messy hair that makes people wonder what I've been up to and careless smudgy makeup. Kind of like this: Or maybe more like this: Although if I were going to showcase my bra, it would probably not be of the nude and functional-looking variety...not sure what is up with that. Either way, I apparently am having a Mia Tyler moment. My Mia Tyler essentials include: Nars lipstick in Manhunt (available at Sephora). The key here is in the application - I don't want perfectly outlined, Grace Kelly-esque red lips. I want smudgy red lips that look like I just got done making out with some guy in the bathroom (granted, in my case, "some guy" = my husband). To get it right, apply the lipstick to the center of your lips. Then use your fingers to smudge it around the rest of your mouth. To avoid looking clownish, stay within the lines. Create perfectly imperfectly lined eyes (a pseudo sexy rocker must) with Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. Layer it on and then get to bed- this stuff looks a million times better the day after (and even the day after the day after, if you can believe it). Cleavage doesn't create itself - even those who are well endowed need a little lifting and wrangling for maximum appeal. Lane Bryant's plunge bras do the trick for me - and I'll feel sexy from the inside out with this Chandelier Lace version. Too obvious? Even if I go all 1980's-scissor happy and cut a plunging neckline? Yeah, maybe. Well, the point isn't necessarily that the execution is perfect (I know, the fashioney side of me is cringing right now!), but more that we all embrace those moments of wanting to be someone else. It can be a fun way to get out of a fashion rut- or to remember why you like a certain style in the first place.

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