Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LB's Newest Bra - Push Up Demi

Well-placed breasts are so important for a Bombshell's silhouette. If your breasts look droopy, everything else is going to look droopy - including your posture. Hoist them up so they rest at the mid-point between your shoulders and the crook of your arm. You'll stand taller, look curvier, and inevitably feel better. If you're looking for a new bra to do the hoisting, let me recommend Lane Bryant's brand new Push Up Demi.

It's no secret that Lane Bryant's Cacique line of bras and panties is a favorite of mine. They're the best at creating quality, beautiful underwear for plus size women. Cacique understands that support and comfort are important, but that pretty and sexy are just as essential in lingerie. I bought one of the Push Up Demi bras this weekend (in a juicy Watermelon color, in case you were wondering) and have been strutting around in an almost comically confident way. My husband accused me of batting my eyelashes at him (guilty). Red lipstick & black eyeliner seem absolutely necessary. My new cleavage is positively empowering. I've never felt like more of a Bombshell.

Even if you don't go off the deep end (like I did) over this bra, I think you will appreciate a few things:

1. The cups are smooth and seamless, so you can wear this bra under slinky tops and tee shirts alike.
2. The straps are convertible.
3. The demi cup is low enough to accomodate a low-cut top but not so low that your breasts will jiggle when you walk.
4. The bra has really pretty lace accents.
5. It's available in sizes 38-48 C-H.

At $34, the Push Up Demi bra is a great deal. It's even part of LB's Buy 1, Select 1 Half Off promotion. And, as if that weren't enough incentive, take advantage of a limited time Friends and Family Discount in-store and online.


  1. I can not find this bra in size F on the website. Are you sure it exists?

  2. Sorry Roxi, looks like DDD is the cut-off. That was my error.

  3. It's ok, I'm disappointed in LB, not you. =)

  4. I really want to love this bra, but the lace in the middle doesn't support well & it's itchy :(

    I'm a huge smooth balconette bra fan though - it has a great center that supports perfectly.

    Roxi, I believe that style goes all the way to H:


  5. I'm with you, DJ, on much love for the balconette bra. That's one of my go-to undergarments.


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