Saturday, March 14, 2009

Inspired by: Joanna Garcia's Fresh Look

One of my favorite actresses right now is Joanna Garcia. She used to be on the sitcom, Reba (don't hold it against her...) and is now on the CW's Privileged. The show is pretty good - fun and witty - and Joanna is definitely the glue that holds the whole thing together. I like the wardrobe she wears on the show, and I'm inspired by the combination of her sultry dark hair and fresh looking makeup. Check her out: So cute, right? I've been playing around with my makeup, trying to recreate her look for myself. Here's how to do it:

Apply tinted moisturizer all over your face. I like Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15; it has tiny reflective particles that make your skin glow.

Spot cover any blemishes, redness or under eye circles. Top with translucent powder to set; Laura Geller's Balance and Brighten won't get cakey or too dry. Add a little bronzing powder to mimic that California glow Joanna's rocking - Bobbi Brown's bronzers look really natural, not orange and fakey.

The cheeks are key to this fresh look. Choose a blush that is a little mauvey-rose. It compliments most skin tones, adding just the right touch of berry-colored flush. Try Clinique Soft Pressed Powder in Plum Gorgeous.

Define your eyes with a creamy eyeliner - avoid a dramatic color like black, instead opting for something softer like dark brown or gray. Highlight your brow bone by sweeping on a reflective eye shadow, like Stila's cult classic, Kitten. Place a touch of Kitten at the corner of your eyes (right near the tear duct) to make them look wide awake. Joanna herself has said that she likes L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mineal Infused Mascara because it makes her eyes pop.

And finally, for lips, Joanna also likes L'Oreal Bare Natural Lip Conditioner. She's been quoted as saying, "It's moisturizing and feels great on my lips." Soft Bloom will add a hint of berry color and lots of shine.


  1. She is gorgeous, but also cute...I just can't help, but love her...

  2. She seems like the kind of girl you'd want to be friends with, you know?


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