Monday, March 9, 2009

Beauty Moment- Favorite Multi-taskers

As I've become (a little) more mindful of my income to necessary-beauty-buy ratio, I tend to look past products that are one trick ponies. Of course there are some products that simply are what they are - mascara, for instance. But whenever possible, I'll choose a product that makes me look great in more ways than one. Here are a few of my favorite multi-taskers: L'Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray blocks the sun's UV rays - the very same rays that fade and compromise your hair color. The lightweight spray also rejuvenates second-day hair. Flip your head over, spritz along the ends of your hair, flip your head back over and enjoy manageable, glossy, un-frizzy hair. Your strands will smell fresh and clean, too - of rosemary and mint. Longer-lasting hair color and instant rejuvenation definitely make me feel worth it. Several makeup lines have a cream blush that's meant for cheeks and lips. The only one that actually looks good on my cheeks and lips is Mac Blushcreme in Posy. Unlike the competition, Posey isn't too bright on the cheeks or too opaque on the lips (or some other combo of "wrong"). This rosey pink looks frighteningly bright in the pot, but goes on so sheer and light that you'll appear to be glowing from the inside out. I like to apply it to my cheeks with a blush brush, focusing on the apples, and then blend it out with a makeup sponge. For my lips, I dab it on with my finger and go. Finally, I'm semi-obsessed with my hands. I'd like to avoid old-lady hands for as long as possible and so am diligent about applying hand cream throughout the day. What more could I ask out of a hand cream than general moisturization? How about SPF 20 and the ability to make my raggedy cuticles look smooth and well-manicured? Sally Hansen Flawless Hands Skin Brightening Hand Creme delivers instantly pretty hands and cuticles, while fending off paper-thin paws in the future. The cream is thick but not globby; it melts and dissolves into your skin without much effort. And it has an ever-so-subtle lavender scent, calming without over powering. Find it wherever Sally products are sold.

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