Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beauty Moment- Beautiful Brows

I don't think eyebrows get enough beauty attention. They can make or break your look, yet so many women don't give them much consideration beyond basic plucking or waxing. Here are a few of my favorite products to whip them into shape (and keep them that way).

Anastasia's Goof Proof Stencils and Tweezers. Initially, eye brow stencils seemed silly to me. Until I actually used them and was amazed at how easy they make it to shape my brows. I place a stencil over one brow, fill it in with my brow marker (more on that later), remove the stencil and then pluck anything outside the shape of my brow. I use Anastasia's tweezers because the point is incredibly sharp, which means that even the smallest of stray hairs can be grabbed and yanked with minimal pain.

Laura Geller Brow Marker. Most women's brows have a couple areas that are sparse. Mine are a little spotty right above the arch and require some help from Laura Geller. You should also consider filling in your brows if you make a dramatic change in hair color - nothing screams unnatural hair color more than eyebrows that are too light or that are off a couple shades. Brow Marker looks like a felt-tip marker and comes in three shades. The marker is nearly budge-proof because the product adheres to the hair and skin underneath the brow. It's easy to use; just sketch lightly across your brow, building the color and coverage as needed. Philanthropic Bonus - for every Brow Marker sold, $1 goes to Joan's Legacy which is working toward a cure for lung cancer.

Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash Mascara - one of the first beauty products I was allowed to use, this clear mascara holds brows in place just as well as pricier counterparts.

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