Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm living one of those weeks that's going to end with me crawling into bed and rejoicing that it's over. Although I still have to get cuted up for work every day, I'd rather wear all cotton all the time. Granted, the lounge outfit would have to be cute because it never does any good to dress schlubby when you feel crummy. That just makes you feel crummier. It's possible to wear a sweatsuit and look cute - just make sure nothing is over-sized. And a pop of color never hurt anyone. Basic gray hoodie from Old Navy. It's tempting to buy hoodies a size larger than you need because it's comfortable. But guess what? That looks terrible. It's cotton, so wearing the right size isn't going to be constrictive. Layer a patterned tee underneath. A pattern will add some visual interest and makes it seem like you put a little thought and effort into the outfit. Even if you didn't. Pop of color! I love these lounge pants from Evans. The pink sherbet-esque color is so happy. When I'm in a lounging mood, slip off shoes are essential. If the opportunity to nap or lounge strikes, there's no time for laces.

Photo credits: OldNavy.com; Target.com; Evans.co.uk; Payless.com

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