Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spotlight on: Dereon

It's no secret that the fashion market is somewhat saturated with celebrity lines: I was at Kohls a few weeks ago and saw that the store carries a line inspired by Vanessa Carleton. Huh? When was the last time Vanessa Carleton inspired anyone to do anything other than turn the radio channel when that one song of her comes onto Lite FM? (I don't know why I'm so crabby about Vanessa. Anyway. Back to celebrity lines). One of the few celebrity lines that interest me are House of Dereon and the lower priced bridge line, Dereon. Both are the products of Beyonce and her mom. I'm not exactly sure in what capacity Beyonce or Tina Knowles are specifically involved at this point, but I do know that if you like the urban feel of BabyPhat you will love Dereon's line for plus-size Bombshells. Check it out: This is the Phi Beta Short-sleeve Tee ($44). And this is the Velvet Rope Leopard Sequin hoodie (On sale, $49.98). It's fun, cute stuff if that's your style.

Most of Dereon, like much of Babyphat, is not my style. But there are a few pieces that could be integrated into the most conservative of wardrobes to add a fresh touch. Like this: The Ruffle Crop Jacket would look really cute with a slim-fitting skirt or over boot/wide-leg dress pants. You know you would feel just a little diva if you were out strutting around in this jacket. I actually really like the Satin Fury 3/4-Sleeve Top (although I'm not sure what it's so furious about). The shape is nice, and the attention to detail makes it feel worthy of the $62 retail price. I absolutely cannot get behind Dereon's selection of jumpsuits. Yeah, I said it. Jumpsuits. Behold: What you can't see in this picture of the Glacier Bay Jumpsuit? The sparkling stud fleur de lis design on the butt.

Ok, so not everything in the Dereon collection is a winner. But it's another source for cute urban gear if that's your style, and a resource for a few funky pieces to diva up almost anyone's wardrobe. Dereon is sold at Macy's, online at, and other select retailers.

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  1. I had high hopes for Dereon and even HoD, but I'm so disappointed! I never like any of their stuff and often wonder if Beyonce would be caught dead in some of their outfits. I know she will sometimes wear things, but I think those are more tailored pieces. And what exactly is with those jumpsuits?

  2. I don't get the jumpsuit. JLo had some in her line as well. As does Baby Phat. That's such a don't in my mind!


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