Friday, January 23, 2009

Saturday Style

I love getting dressed on the weekends. Although they are usually as jam-packed as my weekdays, there's more time to play around with clothes, mixing and matching, creating just the right look for wherever I'm headed. Grocery shopping and running to the bank may not be glamourous activities but they might be a little less tedious if you look super cute. And the other schlubs in line behind you will appreciate having something nice to check out at the checkout.

Caslon Twin Print Tee Caslon "Lola" Stretch Jeans Gap Mesh Striped Scarf Big Raindrop Earrings> Airwalk Allie Bow Flat


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  2. Thanks, Manteiga! I typically link to other sites and blogs with content similar to my own; but thank you for posting. Your site is really cool!


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