Friday, January 16, 2009

Mod Bombshells

Are you guys watching Mad Men, AMC's breakout hit drama? It follows the ups and downs of characters associated with a 1960's Madison Avenue ad agency. The men are incredibly suave and cool a'la Rat Pack, while the women are passionately repressed and a study in glamour. The show is an interesting historical look at the times, and a fun source of inspiration for the wardrobe.

The super structured clothes featured on Mad Men can be sort of difficult for plus size girls to wear - a lot of the jackets are boxy and stiff and the skirts can be unforgivingly straight. But there's a lot to love in this genre (a tasteful emphasis on womanly curves!), if you keep balance in mind and mix updated classics in with vintage 1960's accents. This satin belted blouse from Catherine's captures the elegance and grace of the decade perfectly, while creating a flattering shape for women of almost any shape and size. The shawl collar is reminiscent of the 1940's (which were still an influence in the 60's), while the 3/4 length sleeve with French cuffs is very Jackie O. This would look lovely paired with a pencil skirt and cardigan. Speaking of that perfect pencil skirt, a lot of Bombshells run into issues with a simple straight skirt. The combination of voluptuous hips and rear + slim skirt can = a whole lotta look! Don't be afraid to find a more figure-friendly alternative to the pencil skirt, like this trumpet skirt from Spiegel. The slim fit through the hips and thighs is evocative of the pencil shape that was so popular in the 60's. But the flared hemline creates much needed movement and balance for plus size women. Elegantly restrained jewelry adds the perfect 60's touch to the outfit. You can't go wrong when you tap into the ultimate source: Jaqueline Kennedy Reproductions jewelry from QVC. (Quit laughing. Seriously, I love this stuff.)

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