Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beauty Moment- Hemloq Citrus Scrub

Over the past few months, I've slowly dipped my toes into the waters of all natural beauty products. It still doesn't come naturally (ha) to me, and I am still surprised every time I like something. The latest venture? Hemloq Citrus Scrub. Exfoliating is key throughout the winter months. It sloughs off rough, dry skin and encourages cell turnover. Cell turnover reveals fresh, younger skin - who doesn't want that? I usually hop in the shower with one of several thick, gritty scubs and then go at my skin with vigorous rubbing. I love the end-result, but getting there can be kind of rough. Literally.

Showering with the Citrus Scrub was a completely different experience. It's a thick white cream infused with incredibly fine jojoba beads. Rubbing the cream over my skin felt luxurious and gentle - as though the jojoba beads were trapping and removing my dead skin instead of scraping it off. The scent is very lemony. It's fresh and clean and will help you get going in the morning.

Citrus Scrub is chock full of good-for-you ingredients like chamomile and green tea, both of which are soothing. As for what it doesn't contain? Parabens, sulfate, and animal testing. You can order a generous tub of Hemloq's Citrus Scrub from their web site for $28.

Photo credit: Hemloq.com

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