Friday, January 9, 2009

Beauty Moment- Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain

Cover Girl has added a new member to the Outlast family - Outlast Lipstain. Joining the ranks of Outlast All Day Lipcolor (a long-lasting lipcolor and a tube of moisturizing lip balm) and Outlast Double Lipshine em>>(a dual-ended wand of long last lipcolor and high shine gloss), Outlast Lipstain differentiates itself with a pen-like applicator and a soft-matte finish.

Outlast Lipstain's applicator is just like a felt-tip pen; great for outlining your lips with precision. If you move quickly, you can smudge the line along your lips for a softly defined lip. Fill in the center of your lips - that's it! The lipstain feels much less drying than the other two Outlast products (both of which seriously need their topcoat counterparts to prevent dry, itchy lips). You can top it with a balm for extra moisture or gloss it up if you like. But the soft wash of color is really nice on its own, too.

I'm a big fan of Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain - it's nice to slap on some lipcolor and not have to think about it for several hours. I was able to make it through 5 hours, which included 2 cups of coffee, a whole bunch of water, and a chicken salad wrap. Not bad. The color also wore of pretty evenly, so I wasn't left with a ring of color around my lips. For less than $8 at your local drugstore or Target, give this new lip product a try.

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