Friday, August 29, 2008

Modern Day Bombshells

I clicked over to Evans of London this morning so I could check out their new fall (or Autumn, as the Brits like to call it) collection when I was hit in the face with an image of the modern-day Bombshell. Exhibit A:Before everyone starts sending me emails saying, 'She's, like, a size 14, max" I will acknowledge that yes, she's on the smaller end of Bombshell. But I always get excited when I see a sexy, smoldering woman who looks like she ate breakfast this morning. And wearing plaid, no less! Let's hear it for a curvy woman pulling off plaid without looking like a lumberjack. Well done.

Inspired, I began looking for more modern Bombshells wearing this fall's best looks. Because it's one thing to open a fashion magazine and get excited about how I imagine certain things will look on me. It's another thing entirely to get to see what something might look like on me. So as a kick-off to the long Labor Day weekend, and the unofficial start of fall, enjoy!
Both from B & Lu.

From Kiyonna.

From Belle Avenue.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beauty Moment - The New "It" Color for Nails

Behold, the nail color that I predict will drive fashion-types into a frenzy.  This is Parlez- Vouz OPI?   It's from O.P.I's new La Collection de France.  I love this shade because it's a nod to one of fall's biggest influences (purple) without screaming PURPLE.  After brushing it on my tips and toes, I would even say it's a very wearable neutral.  It's fresh and understated - two of my favorite characteristics in, well, anything.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almost Great

I almost like this dress from Igigi:Sophie Colorblock Dress in Charcoal. I love the vertical colorblocking, with the black panels on the sides and the charcoal panels down the front. It creates an extremely curvacious and flattering silhouette. But the vertical blocks of light gray at the neckline and under the bust are so distracting. To the point of disliking the whole thing. Bummer.

On the bright side, maybe this means that more colorblocking from other labels is on the way - which I would be pretty happy about. When done right, it's so right.

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Not a Tribute to Kate Moss

I think I'm one of the only fashion editors in the world who does not think Kate Moss has it going on.  When I see photos of her, I usually wish that she'd brushed her hair today or that her 4 inch heeled sandals weren't strapped over top of her dingy skinny jeans.  So I felt incredibly conflicted upon seeing this vest at Lane Bryant:The second I saw the vest, my palms began to sweat in anticipation of getting my hands on it.  This would look so great with jeans and a screen-print tee and maybe a scarf and some dangly earrings...wait.  I've just described Kate Moss's unofficial uniform.  Huh.   Whatever.  It'd still be really cute on me.   And you.  If you're busty, try fastening the bottom two buttons only - otherwise, you might run the risk of looking uncomfortably bound.  

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Beauty How-to: Perfect Wavy Hair

I've spent all summer perfecting my tousled, Kate Hudson-inspired,  didn't try too hard (but actually spent the better half of an hour on), beachy wavy hair.  And now, on this last week before the unofficial start of fall I've finally got it.  Great.  Fall is no time for beachy wavy hair (no matter how glorious it may be).  Or is it...

I think wavy hair is a fantastic counterpoint to the dark colors &  streamlined styles that fall is going to bring our way.  Fall textures are always so serious - wool, corduroy, cashmere and the like - that bouncy, imperfect hair will infuse a little life and fun into your fall look.  Wanna get it?  Here's what you'll need:
  • Diffuser and hair dryer
  •  1" curling iron- this is the most essential tool for creating this carefree look.  I like a 1" barrel because it works well on both long and shorter (chin length-ish) hair.  Recommended iron: The T3 Twirl! 1.00.  This tourmaline-infused ceramic curling iron heats up incredibly fast.  It uses negative ions  & infrared heat to protect the condition of your hair which is so important.  This style does not look great on fried hair; the T3 Twirl! will keep your hair soft and silky, day after day.   Get yours at Misikko or  via other authorized dealers. 
  • Styling Spray- look for one that is lightweight so your curls stay bouncy.  You're looking for a spray that will help loosen up the curls a bit - we're not going for Shirley Temple ringlets here.  Recommended spray: Sally Hershberger Shagg Spray.  It smells great and won't make your hair sticky.
  • Finishing Spray- again, don't want to weigh down your hair.  Look for a spray that still allows movement but will keep your curls intact all day.  Recommended finishing spray: Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray. 
Wash and condition hair as your normally would.  Attach the diffuser to your blow dryer.  Flip head over and dry underside of hair.  Flip upright and finish drying with the diffuser.  Unless you have naturally curly hair, you won't have curls at this point.  We're just building a foundation of texture for the real curls to work with.  

Section off hair so that you can curl 1 inch pieces with the curling iron.  If you'd prefer less curl and texture, curl 1.5 to 2 inch sections of hair.  To create spiral curls, clamp the iron around the middle of a strand.  Twirl it vertically up the hair shaft.  Gently release the curling iron's spring and simultaneously slide it down the hair shaft while twirling.  This takes some practice.  Don't worry - it's not just you being uncoordinated. 

Once your entire head is curled and cooled, liberally apply the shagg spray all over.  Pull out the hair dryer again and lightly blast your hair while running your fingers through it, loosening the curls. I like mine kind of messy, so I really go to town with the shagg spray.  If you like yours a little more structured, just give your hair a quick once-over.  

 Once you've created an effect that you love, seal the deal with a blast of hair spray.  Voila!  Perfectly imperfect fall hair. 

Fall Preview- Old Navy Jewel Box Colors

The fourth, and final, installment in the Old Navy fall collection is called Fall For Jewel Box Colors. I love the saturation of deep colors that always crops up in the fall. After the bright reds, oranges and yellows of summer, it's a nice change of pace. Here's the best of the collection:
Ruffles are a great detail this fall and this grape tunic makes them easy to wear. The deep v-neck top keeps the ruffles from overwhelming a Bombshell who may have a larger bust. The proportion between the ruffles and the sleeve length is perfect, too.
This cowl-neck dress, featuring split sleeves, is going to require some serious Spanx. But between the flouncey bottom and the beautiful draping across the collar bones I think it'll be worth it. I love a boat neckline - it's pretty and sophisticated and that "something a little different" that sets a woman apart from the crowd. The overall shape of this top is really flattering. The pleats create a really nice visual accent while camouflaging any tummy issues you (and I) may have going on.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Product-Girl Giveaway

My friend, Carla, over at Product Girl is giving away Essie's fall collection of nail polishes (above). Wanna win?  Click here to enter, between now and Friday!  

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall Preview- Old Navy Mid-Century Glam

I love love love the Mid-Century Glam collection. The clothes are ladylike, with really interesting details. It's very chic in a Hitchcock-ian way.
This eggplant drape tank is new and different, not something I've seen elsewhere. It might be hard for busty girls to pull out - that's a lot of fabric across the chest. But if it does suit you, pair it with dark jeans for a night out, or with these herringbone trousers.
Once you have basic black, gray or brown pants in your wardrobe, I think it's a good idea to start tossing in a few other options. This herringbone print draws the eye down from your waist, elongating your legs.
I love the kick of fullness and movement at the hem of these two skirts. It's a nice change of pace from the full skirts that have been everywhere this summer. They're a little buttoned up, with the slim shaping throughout the waist and hips, but the hems are a little flirty. Because both skirts fall below the knee, I'd wear them with heels to avoid looking stumpy in the legs.
Floral prints showed up all over the Fall runways, but I have to admit to being a little leary of them. I feel like this kimono wrap dress does it right, though, in a way that's pretty but a little edgy. The gray base of the dress makes it look a little moody, which feels so right.
(Sigh) I love this dress. If I were going to buy only one thing out of the Old Navy collections, it would be this one. The balance and proportions are perfect; it's prim along the neckline but swishy and full along the bottom. And the color is great!

Beauty Moment- Make the Most of Your Eye Color

One of our fellow Bombshell readers, Miss B, has a great blog of her own called A Little More Beautiful. She covers style and beauty for all shapes and sizes - it's a lot of fun! I love the post she wrote called Make the Most of Your Eye Color. Check it out, below, and then head over to her site for more great advice.

Eyes really are the windows to the soul, so why not make the most of what you've got? Eyes can be any one's most beautiful, sexy feature-no matter what color!Here are some of the best color choices to enhance your lovely eyes:-)

If you have green eyes...Purple, taupe, and copper eyeliners paired with deep purple, light violets, warm taupe, golden browns and soft peach shadows will make others green with envy!

If you have blue eyes...Copper, gold, taupe, and deep brown eyeliners paired with warm browns, copper, taupe, and peach shadows can really make your blue eyes pop!

If you have brown eyes...Deep brown, gray, charcoal, and dark purple eyeliners paired with golden browns, greens, charcoal, purple, plums, and deep blue shadows can enhance your soulful eyes. Brown Eyes can wear a wide variety of colors so experiment, brown eyed girls!

If you have grey eyes...Dark brown and charcoal eyeliners paired with cool browns, purples, and charcoal shadows can make the most of your grey eyes!

Usually, colors opposite your eye color on the color wheel are going to be the most flattering to your eye color.For example Blue is opposite Orange.That's not to say use orange eyeshadow!! Just find shadows and liners with orange undertones or hints of orange in them.

Now, this list is by no means a strict set of rules...these are just suggestions. There are an unlimited amount of colors to experiment with and I will surely do another tips and tricks list for enhancing your eye color or making your eyes appear green when you have grey eyes-etc, etc.But for now, test these out and try some experimenting! Makeup should be fun, so play around!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall Preview- Old Navy Feminine Details

Yesterday, we got a glimpse into the first of four new collections Old Navy has put together just for us Bombshells. It was a back-to-school selection of Pretty & Preppy styles. Feminine Details is all about a ruffle here, a little draping there, and a terrific pair of denim trousers.
Like each of the ruffley tanks featured in Feminine Details, this black cotton ruffle-neck top can be layered underneath an unstructured cardigan for a relaxed vibe. Or pair it with satin bell skirt and strappy sandals for an easy night-out look.
Soften up your work look slipping this girly tank underneath a business suit. It'll be the perfect combination of working girl to get your through the day.

Get your drape on with this soft purple tunic. I can see myself tossing this on over yoga pants and skimmers after a workout or to run errands on the weekend.

A great pair of denim trousers will be a staple to my look this fall. This pair would look great on women with a little booty.

Tomorrow, we'll check out my favorite of the four collections: Mid-Century Glam.

Beauty Moment- L'Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Mascara

Oh, girls.  I'm such a sucker for mascara.  Yes, I have my favorite (Maybelline Define-a-Lash) but am not immune to the allure of a tube of something new and fancy on the shelves of my local Target.  Have you seen the tubes of L'Oreal Paris Bare Naturale mascara?  You know, the chunky cylinder with a neat giraffe print? (At least I think it looks like giraffe).   How can a girl resist sexy brown swirly packaging?

I'm pleased to report that what's going on inside the tube lives up to the high expectations set by the packaging.  The formula is made of 86% natural-origin ingredients, like minerals.  It's also paraben and fiber-free, which a lot of people get excited about.  Me?  I get excited by the fact that this mascara creates super shiny lashes.  The formula feels like a gel, coating the lashes with pigmented color in just one stroke.  It's slightly reminiscent of Cover Girl's Lashblast.  

Luckily, L'Oreal Paris's brush is not the eye-stabbing contraption that Cover Girl provides with Lashblast.  The large bristle brush is pliant and thick.  When combined with the thick mascara, you definitely need to wipe it off before application in order to avoid clumps.   I like the overall dark, shiny effect for nighttime.  It really pulls a smokey eye together.  

Bare Naturale mascara comes in three shades- Brown, Black, and Blackest Black.  It's also opthamologist tested so as to be gentle on sensitive eyes or those of us who wear contact lenses.  

Before heading out to your local Target or drugstore, check the L'Oreal Paris web site for coupons; the Bare Naturale mascara is worth the $9.95, but who doesn't like a coupon?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beauty Moment- King of Shaves for Women

My husband kind of freaked out on me last week when I introduced King of Shaves Woman into our shower. "Why didn't you get me any of their stuff? That's the best shaving stuff ever!" Someday, I will get him to call things products and not stuff.

In the meantime, I thought, "Wow - that's a pretty ringing endorsement of this King of Shaves stuff...I mean product." I don't know a whole lot about shaving products - I usually choose shaving gel based on the scent and price. Then again, I'm often plagued with razor burn. Could the two be linked? Hmmmm...

I tried two different formulas, the Pamper & Moisturize Shaving Gel and the Smooth & Sensitive Shaving Gel. They are both thick, pearlescent gels that glide onto the skin and create a barrier between skin and razor. Neither of them foam up, which I really liked. Comparing the King of Shaves gels to other mass market gels, mass market brands sometimes dry out on my legs as I fumble around for my razor, dodge the shower head to avoid rinsing out my conditioner too soon, and generally putz around the shaving process. King of Shaves gels do not get dry; they retain the smooth gel consistency which provides just the right amount of "slip" for the razor to get a close shave.

The Pamper & Moisturize formula smelled beautifully of a very light tuberose - I would love an entire line of lotions and body washes that smell like it. It's packed full of aloe and chamomile, and left my legs feeling smooth and hydrated.

The Smooth & Sensitive formula is great for anyone with extra sensitive skin. It's unperfumed so as to cut out a major potential source of irritation. It also features chamomile, aloe vera and white lily.

Some women might balk a little at the price of King of Shaves gels- at about $7 per 6 oz tube, it's almost twice the cost of store brand shaving gels and creams. Plus, the gel makes shaving so enjoyable that I like to really slather the stuff all over my legs and go to town. But you know? After my first week without razor burn all summer, I think $7 is worth it. Isn't that what a recession is for? Replacing bigger splurges with smaller ones? (Yeah, that's what everyone keeps telling me, anyway.) Since I can't afford Prada booties, I think King of Shaves is a fair trade.

Tell your man to move his tube of King of Shaves over because it's not just for the boys anymore! Get yours at Target, Duane Reade and

Fall Preview- Old Navy Pretty & Preppy

This fall, Old Navy has four different collections tailored to fit your curves, your budget, and the trends that you'll see in the pages of every fashion mag's 400 pound September issue. The key looks that Old Navy has put together are Pretty & Preppy, Feminine Details, Mid-Century Glam, and Jewel Box Colors. Each collection is unique and stylish, with thoughtful detail given to how fall's biggest trends translate to Bombshell bodies.

First up, check out Pretty & Preppy. The collection fulfills all those Back to School yearnings, without actually having to go back to school.
Fend off the tell-tale September chill without over-heating in this 3/4 sleeve argyle-logo sweater. Pair it with jeans, wide-leg trousers, or a cute pencil skirt.
Like this one! The perfect dark denim pencil skirt, with just enough stretch and structure to skim your curves without clinging. Dress it up, dress it down - it's the ultimate foundation to a great preppy look.
The butterfly detail on this lightweight green sweater is a little cheeky - and a lot cute. Every prepster needs a great pair of khakis - once you find your perfect pair, pick up one with a long hem for wearing with heels, and one in a shorter hem for flats.
I love how casual and easy a great button-down top can look. I don't love how shapeless and over-sized they can be. Old Navy's button down, roll-sleeve top solves the shapeless problem. It's cut to accentuate the bust and hips, while maintaining the ease of the original. This striped button-down cardigan will never be far from my reach this fall. It's the perfect layering piece to add interest to a basic tee and jeans, or to toss on over a cute little dress. The horizontal stripes are small enough in width that you don't need to fear that whole, "Don't wear stripes" thing.

This shapely belted dress fits in everywhere - brunch at the club, Sunday services, date night. Add the multi-color ribbon belt for maximum prep.

You can do some preview shopping now at Look for the entire collection to emerge over the next few weeks. Tomorrow, we'll take a look at the best of the Feminine Details collection.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi everyone-
I'm catching up after vacation last week (and by catching up I mean reading and getting a pedicure). I'm working on some new posts that should be up by tomorrow, which will include a sneak peak at Old Navy's fall collection, tips on how to transition your summer clothes into fall, and how to wear that crazy chartreuse eye shadow that is in every fashion mag this month.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lusty Lust

When at first I saw this dress on B & Lu's website, I wasn't sure. But I kept clicking back to it's page to get another look. Then I bookmarked the page and, over the course of a few days, would periodically check it out again. That's when it hit me - if the dress is making me do the equivalent of a cyber double-take, I need it.

The dress looks like something Blake Lively would run around Manhattan in, long hair loose and carefree, subtle glowey makeup with pink lips. Strappy sandals, of course. But you know what? I think this shape would look amazing on someone with...well, more of a shape! As in, you and me. It's the ultimate, "Oh this fabulous frock? Just something I tossed on. Now let's have fun!"dress.

B & Lu Kennedy Dress, $64, available up to size 4X.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cute Shoes!

There is no easier way to bond with another woman than to exclaim, "Cute shoes!" Shoes draw women of all backgrounds, all personal styles, all budgets together. Cute is cute, no matter whoyou  are. And man, are these cute:Suits Me black and white peep-toe t-strap heel by Amanda. Stock for this shoe is extremely limited (sizes 8 & 12 only) at, but they're an absolute steal at $19.99.
I can always count on Payless to indulge my desire to funk up my footwear without making a major investment.  For just $22.99, add a little blue patent heel to your life.  
As a 6' Bombshell, I appreciate the sex appeal of a cute little flat.  Stuart Weitzman's Ditzy Suede flat, featuring tough but flirty silver hardware accents, is so right. 

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beauty Moment- Big Brands at Target

It's no secret that Target has slowly begun to stock name brand hair products that are usually only sold in salons, and face products (Kiehls, Clarins, to name a few) usually only found in department stores.  The products are somewhat black market in that the brands do not supply Target with their stock; it's purchased via alternate methods.  I, personally, think it's shady (especially after some expired Paul Mitchell shampoo I once bought there totally wrecked my hair).  

Then recently I read that Jemma Kidd, makeup artist extraordinaire, is doing an off-shoot of her Jemma Kidd Makeup School line (called JK Jemma Kidd) exclusively for Target.  I thought that was pretty cool, imaging that I could stock up on Jemma's line without shelling out cash.  Then I saw that eye shadows would be going for about $18.  Huh?  This is Target, right? I mean, I know that's still cheaper than her main line, but...

I expect to pay $18 for eye shadow at the Bobbi Brown counter.  It's a nice counter, with samples to play with and really cool girls ready to make me over.  I mean, it's Bobbi-freaking-Brown.  But $18 for an eye shadow one aisle over from Cover Girl,  my peanut butter and cotton balls?  I don't think so.  Don't get me wrong - I love Target.  I spend half my paycheck their every week.  But I have certain expectations for what I'll find there.  And $18 eye shadow ain't it.  What do you think? 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Plaid button-down shirts remind me of high school. I graduated in the 90's when Britney hadn't yet done it again (oops) and Macs were still called MacIntosh computers. And no one had them. So when I saw this button down from Missphit, I had to get past the feelings of adolescent angst and uncertainty it dredged up before jumping on board. Yep, it's cute.

Welcome the arrival of fall by pairing this with a relaxed pair of lightwashed jeans and leather flip flops. Or glam it up (yes, plaid can be glam) by wearing it with the darkest jeans you can find. Accessorize with patent leather or studded anything.

Missphit Western Hipster, $39, up to size 3X.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Beauty Moment- Pop Beauty Eye Cake

Last weekend I killed some time over at Ulta, playing with all the makeup displays. Ulta kind of frustrates me because they don't seem to encourage sampling and playing. Which is kind of strange because back in the day, when I used to work there, before Sephora's makeup dominance, Ulta was a leader in the concept of letting customers sample and test department store brands. Applicators and mirrors were everywhere, no one hovered and got on your case. It was fun. Kind of like Sephora is now. Anyway. Back to Pop Beauty.

I've always avoided the Pop display because it looks so...glittery. I kind of assumed that the whole line was bathed in glitter. But this Bombshell could not have been more wrong. I absolutely love the Eye Cakes. They're round tins of 5 complementary eye colors that create a myriad of looks - girly and sweet, sexy and sultry, natural, glam. And at $19, they're a total steal.

Aside from cakes dedicated to varying hues of one color (Teal Cake is pictured above) there are also tins filled with colors meant to enhance specific eye colors (blue, green, brown, violet, etc). Perfect if you want to get some color on your lids but aren't sure where to start. But don't be limited by the cakes designed for your eye color; I have green eyes but love love love the way the Brown Eyes cake makes them pop. Huh. Pop. I guess that's the point.

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Building a Bra Wardrobe

One of the questions I am most frequently asked by fellow Bombshells is where to find cute lingerie in our size. Some of my favorite places to find bras and panties are Old Navy (whose newly launched line of plus size lingerie is fantastic), Lane Bryant (whose Cacique line is the gold standard in sexy), Hips and Curves, and Just My Size.

Too often, I find that Bombshells don't give enough consideration to their undergarments. I can understand that. There's so much that goes into pants, tops, shoes, and the rest of the outside package that sometimes something's gotta give. Just hope it's not your bra.

I've found it useful to have something of a bra wardrobe so that I've got the right undergarment for every situation. I need:
  • Seamless t-shirt bra

  • Pushup bra

  • Strapless bra

  • Sports bra

  • Something sexy and lacey, just for fun
If you're not sure which color to choose, go for nude. It'll work underneath practically everything, whereas black and white need a little more consideration.

Here are my favorites of each type:

Seamless t-shirt bra from Old Navy. The straps are wide enough for adequate support while the molded cups and underwire are incredibly comfortable. $32.50, sizes range from 40C-46DDD. If you're in need of a similar bra in size 38 or 40B, check out the selection at Gap Body.

You'll feel like a Playboy bunny in Lane Bryant's Passion Lace-lined Plunge bra. It comes with removable inserts so you can control the amount of cleavage you show. This is one of my absolute favorite bras. $36, sizes range from 38C-44DD.

Another must-have from Lane Bryant is their Bra6 Convertible Plunge bra. This is the, hands down, most comfortable strapless bra I've ever worn. As long as you get the right size, you'll find that it stays in place, no slippage. If you do experience some slipping, try going down a cup
 size. Bonus? It can double as your seamless t-shirt bra. $42, same sizes as above.

I like the Champion Wirefree Sports Bra because it's comfortable and sporty but still provides substantial support.  And a lot of Bombshells need more from a sports bra than flattening - a little smush and supprt will do wonders for your workout.  Available at Just My Size, $24.99.  Sizes 26B-42DD.
And last, but most certainly not least, the ultra sexy vamp bra that may or may not serve any purpose other than to make you feel hot. My favorite source for all things hot in our size is Hips and Curves.  The selection is great with quite a few "Oh my gosh!" pieces.  And they have a great range of sizes (up to 6X in lingerie and 48DD in bras.  Pick up this pretty bra, for starters.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

On Vacation

Hey girls-
I'm going on vacation today (yay!).  I've got some posts pre-written for you, so there won't be complete radio silence.  I won't be answering email though, until the 18th.  So if you send me one, don't think I'm ignoring you. (I would never do that. )  Have a great week!
Bombshell Beauty

Beauty Bargain- Boots at

Click over to CVS between now and August 15th to take advantage of a great deal they are offering on all Boots skincare and cosmetics.  For every 2 products you buy, you'll get one free.  No limits, so now's the time to stock up.  And if you spend $50 or more, shipping is free.  Love that!

If you've never tried Boots products before, I recommend:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beauty Moment- Nickelodeon Nails

I first spotted Rescue Beauty's Star Fish Patrick in People's Style Watch:
Isn't it pretty?  It kind of signals the end of summer to me - it's a muted shade of the bright coral that has been splashed across fingers and toes since Memorial Day.  It's kind of like that quiet moment at the end of a sunny day, where you're still sitting around in your swim suit and notice that it's gotten a little chilly...Ok, I'll stop.  It's just nail polish (but you know what I'm talking about, right?).

Also included in this mini-collection of pre-fall colors are Bikini Bottom (a light Tiffany-blue) and Square Pants (a soft pineapple yellow).  I didn't make the Nickelodeon connection between the names until I got to Square Pants.  Then again, I don't have kids.  

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Found! Flattering Bombshell Skinny Pants

I've been incredibly torn on the whole skinny jean trend.  On one hand, I like them in theory as a foil to the ultra flowy empire waist top and tunics in general.  I'm all about balance, and I agree that flowy + flowy = shapeless and un-cute.  But on the other hand, I don't like skinny jeans on anyone (most especially Pete Wentz) because they look incredibly uncomfortable.  Like the wearer's thighs are being punished or something.  And they also make feet look huge.  Even if someone doesn't have enormous feet, skinny jeans create clown feet.  Not good.  BUT...
I think these skinny black pants are perfect for Bombshells!  They are cut slim enough to pair perfectly with those ubiquitous long, flowy tops.  But they aren't cut so skinny as to sound an alarm.  Thanks, MXM!  

MXM cotton/spandex blend skinny pant, available in sizes 14-24, $59.99.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beauty Moment- Best Eyeliners

I'm not sure why, but I'm suddenly very into rock and roll eyes. But you know, not real rock and roll eyes because I have a day job in corporate America that requires me to look approachable and, uhm, clean and awake. Anyway - eyeliner. I've really gotten into eye pencils. I like them smudgy, long lasting and no glitter please. I'm 28. That ship has sailed.

Here are my best of the best:
Sephora brand Keep Kohl! Waterproof Liner. I like this creamy pencil in Keep Blue, which is a highly pigmented navy blue shade. I think dark blue is a great alternative to black - it's not as harsh. I also love the spongey tip that makes smudging right up to the lash line a breeze.
Tarte's incredibly skinny EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil draws the most precise line ever - I think it's because the thin pencil is easy to grip and it feels delicate in your hand. It kind of inspires careful application. It's very silky and the emerald green shade looks great as an accent to basic brown eye makeup. Urban Decay is synonymous with sexy, rocker makeup. I thought their 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil might be a little too hard core for me, but was pleasantly surprised. It goes on easily and stays forever - we're talking, three days later you still have just a hint of liner that looks so amazing and could never be replicated by your own hand again. A plum colored shade called 1999 is the hands-down best purple I've ever used. And last, but not least, is the eye pencil I use an an almost-daily basis: I-Define Eyeliner by Global Goddess. This is my perfect black. It's all the best features of the pencils listed above combined with the allure of feeling like this is a true Kohl pencil. It's sooty, it's smokey, it's black as night, baby. My new faux-rocker look cannot be without this one.
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