Monday, June 30, 2008

What to Wear- 4th of July

So, we all already know that not a single one of us will be wearing anything that literally represents the stars and stripes this Friday, right?  Of course not.  The Bombshell is far too stylish and original to show up at the backyard BBQ in a $5 Old Navy 4th of July tee.  How about something like this?
Old Navy smocked dress.  Very comfortable, super flattering.  I like the flutter sleeves and the fact that you could toss a long-sleeved t-shirt under this dress come fall, pair it with boots and you're ready.  For the 4th, I would pick either red or white accessories (not both)- a chunky beaded necklace, gladiator flats.  So cute. 
Nothing's more American than a pair of jeans.  And nothing is more heat-friendly than a pair of lightweight denim capris.  This pair fits like a dream- hugs the curves in your hips and flows straight down the leg, just past your knee.  The wash is slightly vintagey as well, which is a nice bonus. 
This top is...I cute.  Love it.  Wear it with the denim capris and then accessorize with red- ha!  Worked in red, white and blue after all.  It works without becoming a theme thanks to the introduction of another color (the black/gray tone of the tank).  If this tank is too bare for your chest (no need to have your own fireworks show during the festivities), layer a white one underneath for more coverage.  

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Burt's Bees Giveaway Winners

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the Burt's Bees Radiance Kit giveaway.  From those who posted beauty tips (and incorporated the word bee), I put your names in a bag and drew the winners randomly.  If you didn't win this one, you'll have a chance to win a different prize next week.  More details to come...

Congratulations to the following Bombshells:

Stephanie - To clean jewelry, use toothpaste!  It is a non-abrasive cleaner and works well on all types of metals, gems and stones.  That is a trick my mom taught me to always have bee-utiful jewelry. 

Kamewh- My tip is to always apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes bee-fore going outside to keep your skin youthful and bee-utiful looking, reduce wrinkles and to, of course, try to prevent cancer!

Ababe28- Well, I try really hard to just BEE ME...a little moisturizer, maybe some blush...and I'm feeling BEE-utiful!

Kaylea- I swear by Betsey Johnson perfume.  The scent is so flirty and light and it is perfect for summer.  The best advice though is to find something you like and feel confident in and just bee yourself. 

Chris- A nice, light summertime toner is equal parts witch hazel hydrosol and rosewater.  If you have sensitive skin, bee (hah!) warned that some witch hazel solutions contain alcohol.  

If you've won, please email your mailing address to me at  Burt's Bees will be sending your prize directly to you.  

Friday, June 27, 2008

Last Day for Burt's Bees Giveway

Thanks to everyone who has left a bee-related comment on the site this week. I'll randomly draw names of 5 commenters who will win a Burt's Bees Radiance Kit. This giveaway is in support of National Pollinators Week. If you'd like to learn more about the important role of pollinators in our daily lives, and how to help reverse damage done to pollinators' communities, click on the Pollinator Partnership homepage.
If you haven't yet left a comment in order to register to win this fantastic kit of products, you have until 11:59 p.m. tonight to do so. Leave us a beauty tip with the word bee somehow worked into it. That's all it takes! I'll announce the winners on Monday morning.
I've had a vision of this one particular look that I've wanted to create for myself, but haven't been able to find all the individual pieces. I'm thinking urban safari which includes sky-high chunky sandals, a white tank top with some kind of gold shininess along the neckline, and rugged-looking cargo shorts. The shoes? No problem:
Jin sandal from Payless in a nude neutral color will make my (somewhat) tan legs look even longer. I couldn't find the white tank top that's in my head, but I remembered a black studded tank that I wrote about last week.
Studded yoke top from Old Navy. Next issue: shorts. I just could not find the right mix of rugged, yet fitted. I wanted them to fit throughout my hips and then fall straight to just above the knee. So many of the options I found were either too fitted or too baggy or too short.

Then, inspiration struck. Who says I have to wear women's shorts? I popped into Eddie Bauer and started perusing the men's racks. I immediately saw exactly what I wanted, and then freaked out the sales person by trying them on ("Uhm, you know those are men's shorts right? The women's section is over ...okaaay."). Perfection! Check them out here (I promise my legs are not as hairy as the short's model).

So, it's not exactly the outfit I had in mind, but it's pretty cool. And I feel all edgy and cool in it, which counts for something.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Re-think Juniors

I think that every woman, on some level, worries about dressing age-appropriate. I also think that, in general, most women err on the side of dressing old. It's easy to do; to suddenly second- guess a little embellishment, to deem wide-leg jeans as too young. But the key to keeping your look fresh is to inject a little bit of "young" into it.

Now don't mistake me - I don't want to see a bunch of mature Bombshells running around in Hello Kitty t-shirts and rhinestone flip flops. I do want to see curvy women browsing through the juniors department once in a while. Because that's where they keep fantastic little gems like these:
This short sleeved henley over a cotton shell is so much cuter than the average basic tee you'll find over in the Women's World. The kangaroo pocket on the stomach is sporty without calling a ton of attention to the tummy. It comes in a few different colors and would look great under with jeans and a blazer for casual day at work. Or wear it over rugged khakis for an ultra-casual outfit.
Tunics are immensely popular right now, and probably will be for a while to come. But they all too easily veer towards stiff and Grandma-ey, thanks to the higher neckline and lower hemline. This embroidered one injects new life into the trend with short sleeves and a faux-mandarin collar. The empire waist provides much-appreciated definition to the overall silhouette.
Look good coming and going in this draped trim, scoop neck dress. And no, it's not too short. If you're uncomfortable showing off your knees, see if you can let the hem down just a smidge. The maxi dress is a timeless summer favorite, and it's definitely have its moment right now. So many styles that you'll find in stores now are not as flattering to a curvy figure as this one is - they have ruffles in awkward places and look out of wack. But this one is great - the lone ruffle along the bottom hem anchors the dress, drawing the eyes downward. And you know what that means- the illusion of height!
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Bee-utiful Giveaway!

If you haven't yet submitted a comment to enter the Bee-utiful Giveaway, make sure you do before 11:59 p.m. on June 28th. To celebrate National Pollinators Week, Burt's Bees and I are partnering up to give away 5 free Radiance Kits to Bombshell Beauty readers. The kit is packed full of travel sized products from Burt's Radiance line. It includes: Mini exfoliating bar, Exfoliating body wash, Mini body lotion, Day creme, Night creme, Eye creme, Full size lip shimmer.

Within your comment, share one of your favorite beauty tips and work in the word "bee" somehow. Be brilliant, be cheesy, it doesn't matter. I'll randomly choose 5 winners from those who enter. Go bees!
I was browsing through Lane Bryant yesterday and this top caught my eye:The spangle embellishment two in one top is available in several colors, including red and apricot, but I really like it in loden - this muddy gray. The darker color is a nice change of pace from the bright colors that are everywhere right now, without resorting to black. Plus, it would easily transition into fall.

This is a casual, easy piece to throw on and go but elevates an otherwise casual look. I'd pair it with crisp white pants or bermuda shorts for a backyard get-together, or with cropped jeans and flip flops for hanging out after work.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beauty Moment- Hana Elite Flat Iron

My friends over at Misikko, the hands-down-best place to research and buy hair appliances, just sent me a new flat iron from Hana to test out. They let me try out the TurboIon Croc iron last month, and I was blown away by how much difference a professional flat iron makes. I've been using it ever since and was kind of hesitant to try something else. But after reading up on the Hana Elite Iron, I couldn't wait to plug it in and start straightening.
I had no idea that most other so-called ceramic flat irons are actually ceramic coated. Big difference between the two when it comes to even, consistent heat radiance and retention. Heat radiance is important to ensure that an iron doesn't have hot and cold spots which can affect the quality of straightening. And, unlike ceramic coated plates, true ceramic flat irons won't chip or peel. I spent a few days straightening my hair over and over - which had the potential of leaving my hair completely fried, but I'm dedicated that way. Here's what I learned about the Hana Elite Iron:

  • The plates literally floated over my hair - no snagging or catching on the plates or other mechanisms. I barely applied any pressure to the iron, yet it glided over each strand.

  • I use a hair primer and straightening spray before ironing my hair; the Hana Elite didn't gunk up even after repeated exposure to my products.

  • For the sake of testing, I straightened my hair a few times without applying my hair primer and spray so I could see if there would be any difference in the end result. Surprisingly, the Hana Elite straightened my hair just as well without any additional product. Color me shocked.

  • After using this iron, my hair stays smooth and shinier longer.

This flat iron could work on any hair type because the heat setting adjusts from 140 degrees (for fine or thinner hair) to 450 degrees (for extremely coarse hair). It heats up quickly and can be used on damp to dry hair. I'll admit that I haven't screwed up my courage enough to give that a try. I did like the 1" plate size because I felt like I had more control over the iron - I have bangs and was able to get closer to the root of my hair with this smaller plate. So, that's something to think about when selecting your next iron.

The one problem I have with the Hana Elite Iron is that it doesn't cool down as quickly as other irons I've used. It's a small issue and is kind of resolved by the fact that this iron comes with a heat-proof mat and a heat proof storage pouch. But overall, I really like this flat iron. As I've gotten to know the folks (and the products) over at Misikko, I've come to really trust their recommendations. Head over to their site to find the right flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer that fits your hair type and your paycheck.

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Beauty Moment- Lavilin Natural Deodorant

I've always been especially persnickety about my deodorant. First of all, I prefer an antiperspirant to straight up deodorant. Secondly, I like my underarms to feel smooth but not dry. I like to feel a barrier between me and my stink. I also apply deodorant a couple times a day - just to be, you know, on the safe side of smelling good.

For these reasons, I had the hardest time wrapping my head around the concept of Lavilin, a new form of deodorant that I was given. This natural deodorant is free of aluminum and alcohol, but does contain arnica and calendula (which are known for their anti-bacterial properties - which is a good thing in deodorant? I guess?). The thing is, Lavilin claims that one single application will eliminate odor for up to 7 days. SEVEN. DAYS.

Go ahead, says Lavilin - run a marathon, swim 4 miles, give a huge career-making presentation to the president of your company. As long as you do these things within 7 days of swiping the thick white cream under your armpits, you will not smell bad.

I had one question. How is this even possible? Lavilin's crack team of scientists believe that odor is caused by the presence of bacteria. By pairing up arnica and calendulum to fight that bacteria, they believe that you will not smell.

I'm a firm believer in the power of body chemistry, especially when it comes to deodorant. For example, Degree works like a charm for my friend Lori but leaves me gamey. And so does Lavilin. I was not a fan of

  • Having to cease the use of all deodorant products 48 hours prior to the first application of Lavilin. I'm pretty sure my husband was not a fan of that either.

  • The ultra dry sensation under my arms. I felt like I was going to become sticky at any moment.

  • Becoming smelly after just 12 hours. Yep, downright smelly.

I did like:

  • The creamy consistency of the product- it was very thick, like a lotion/paste hybrid. It comes in a small tub that you dip your fingers into and then slather the cream onto your pits.

  • Cutting one step out of my daily routine - ok, I like the idea of this since Lavilin didn't live up to it's 7-day promise for me.

If this product sounds interesting to you, I say go for it. You never know how well something like this might work for you until you try it. I appreciate the efforts of any brand to do something innovative, even if that innovation doesn't pan out for me.

This test with Lavilin reinforced my belief that all natural products mean that you will be smelly. I know that's unfair, especially because this is the first natural deodorant that I've ever used. Does anyone have any experience with other brands? Yea or Nay?

There's Something About This...

That I do not completely hate:
In fact, I'm incredibly drawn to this look despite the fact that crisp white shirts usually make me yawn, cheetah prints typically make me shriek (in horror, just to be clear) and ankle-strap heels often make women look stumpy. But for some reason, this works. I know a lot of Bombshells who refuse to tuck in shirts, but I think we could all take a cue from this look. The way the skirt is belted (with a one that matches the skirt's pattern - genius!), creates the illusion of a dress. It's also tucked/belted well above any stomach-issue areas.

The cheetah print skirt is on sale at Macys for less than $30.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fashion Overdose

I can thank fellow blogger Diana of Fat Chic for introducing me to Fashion Overdose. It's always exciting to learn about a new Bombshell retailer, especially one who offers something different by way of style. The clothes at Fashion Overdose live in a similar vein as Torrid - casual, young, and kind of alternative. Fashion Overdose's clothes are available up to size 5X. A sampling of the goods:
Goethite chiffon top featuring an adjustable strap and removable ties, $39.
Mimi top with fleur de lis beaded screen graphic, $33. Bixbyite pencil skirt, fully lined, $56. Nahcolite strapless dress, $45.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beauty Moment: Bee-utiful Giveaway!

To celebrate National Pollinators Week, Burt's Bees and I are partnering up to give away 5 free Radiance Kits to Bombshell Beauty readers. The kit is packed full of travel sized products from Burt's Radiance line. It includes: Mini exfoliating bar, Exfoliating body wash, Mini body lotion, Day creme, Night creme, Eye creme, Full size lip shimmer.

A key ingredient in each of these products is royal jelly, which is super-nourishing. Royal jelly is made from nectar, pollen, flower parts, bee hormones and other natural ingredients.

If you'll recall from high school biology, bees play an integral role in the pollination process. Pollination is required by nearly 80% of our world's crop plants. That's right - pollinators help put food (and flowers!) on our tables. Without them, humans and ecosystems cannot survive. But thanks to issues like land development and pollution, pollinators are rapidly disappearing. This is a big problem - one that needs our attention and our help. To learn how you can get involved, click on the Pollinator Partnership homepage.

Enter to win the Bee-utiful Giveaway by leaving a comment here between now and 11:59 p.m. on June 28th. Not just any comment, though- share one of your favorite beauty tips and work in the word "bee" somehow. Be brilliant, be cheesy, it doesn't matter. I'll randomly choose 5 winners from those who enter. Go bees!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Let's Hit the Town!

While thinking about going out tonight, I came to the sad (and untimely) realization that my closet is full of work clothes: neat skirts, tailored tops, cardigans and blazers. Nothing fun. Ok a few fun things, but a Bombshell's got to have choices! Old Navy is feeling me as evidenced by their collection of Going Out Looks. I like the fact that you can buy an entire outfit, head to toe, with just a few clicks. Here are a few of my favorites: Metallic Gold tank with gathered neckline and super adorable bow detail. Could it get any more girly-glam than this? Keep the look from becoming too saccharine by wearing tough-looking shoes:
Suede t-strap heels with studs, up to size 11. Go glitzy (but you know, in a good way) with a sprinkle of sequins across the shoulders and a plunging neckline. Pair it with crisp white pants. Add a shot of color and texture with this berry-colored raffia clutch. Photo credits:

Beauty Moment- Savings at Stila

Enter coupon code THK8LF64 to take advantage of this great deal!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beauty Moment- L'Oreal Skin Genesis

Everyone says that it's never too early to start using anti-aging products. At 28, one of my new favorite pasttimes is inspecting every inch of my skin in a magnifying mirror. I've noticed that my smile has changed recently - as in, when I smile it takes a few seconds for the skin to bounce back into neutral. For this reason, I'd been eyeballing the L'Oreal Skin Genesis line of anti-aging products. Technology has advanced and become so much more available that I think the gap between discount stores and department stores has begun to shrink.

I've been using two Skin Genesis products for the past two weeks. I apply Daily Treament Serum right after washing my face, before slathering on day lotion. The Daily Treatment Serum is a clear, lightweight, highly concentrated treatment designed to even out skintone and to instantly tighten the skin. I like the serum because it seems to act on on a few levels, both immediately and long-term. After a few days of using the serum, my skin felt smoother. The lines around my eyes were just a little less prevalent. After 2 weeks, the delicate skin beneath my eyes seemed a little more plump and I looked less tired.

The Skin Genesis products are designed to work together to reinforce the benefits of each product. So in order to enhance the whole even skintone and tightened, plump skin thing, I added the Daily Moisturizer Oil Free Lotion into my routine. Working in combination with the serum, this lotion created a very smooth foundation for the rest of my makeup. It left my face feeling well hydrated and fresh. The line also includes a daily moisturizer that contains SPF.

You may be unsure whether you want to shell out over $20 for drugstore skincare. I know I was! But after using Skin Genesis, I think it's worth the cost. I'm really happy that there are so many affordable options in beauty products that that rival department store brands when it comes to quality and efficacy. Obviously, I won't know if these products work for another 30 years or so. But for now, I'm feeling good about using them.

Beauty Moment- Sally Hershberger Hair Products

Remember this?Meg Ryan's shag haircut caused women of all ages to rush to their stylists, picture in hand, and demand short choppy layers. The woman behind the original cut? Sally Hershberger, stylist to the stars. She's collaborated on other hair product lines, including John Frieda's Blonde collection, and has come out with her own. Sally's a no-nonsense kind of woman, and this sensibility has influenced her products.

She's created a selection of 10 foundational products (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, and prepping lotion), including those specifically for Normal to Thin, Normal to Thick, and Wavy. There are also 4 styling products that can be used by all three hair types. I've been using the Style Primer for Normal to Thin Hair, Star Shine, and Shagg Spray. There are a few standout features on this line that really impress me:

  • It's virtually impossible to apply too much of Star Shine or Shagg Spray. I was leary of both products, afraid they would weigh down my hair or make it greasy at the roots. Didn't happen, even though I tried.
  • All three products have a really pleasant lemongrass scent.
  • I never knew I needed a style primer until I used this one. Two pumps of the fluffy lotion/mousse hybrid to my wet chin-length hair is plenty. It takes away the slippery feel of freshly washed and dryed hair; helps hold a style, a ponytail or an updo.
  • I don't have a shaggy hair cut, but the Shagg Spray makes my hair feel soft and look perfectly "undone"- a nice relaxed, summer look.
  • The line is sold at Wal-greens, and each product is less than $13.

The Sally Hershberger web site is fantastic, too. It includes several How-To videos to show you how to make the most of each styling product. I highly recommend the Sally Hershberger line, and would put it up against any product sold in a salon.

Bombshell Babies

I've watched more than a few friends swelter though the summer pregnant. There's truth behind the whole "pregnancy glow" thing. But when the temperatures ramp up just as you hit your last trimester, that glow can turn into something a little less comfortable. The market for maternity clothes in sizes 14+ is still relatively untapped, but Lane Bryant, always a Bombshell pioneer, has answered the call for cute and functional maternity clothes.

One of the biggest concerns that pregnant women have around purchasing maternity clothes is the high cost. Admittedly, LB's selection is not cheap. A few thoughts on that:
  1. Your third trimester, when the only shoes that fit are flip flops and you're starting to feel like you've been pregnant for 8 years instead of months, is when you need to treat yourself to a few new pieces of clothing. You deserve it.

  2. Call a few consignment stores in your neighborhood and see if they have any maternity clothes in your size. I like Clothes Mentor . It's a growing chain of consignment stores that carry misses, petites, plus and maternity. The stores are clean, well-stocked, and full of great deals.

  3. If the thought of splurging on some new clothes that you might never wear again once baby is born gives you hives, think about the flip side of consignment shopping- selling your maternity clothes to a consignment store will help recoup some of the initial cost.

If you have a friend who is pregnant, think about throwing her a late-pregnancy shower in which you gift her with a few articles of maternity clothing. Baby isn't the only one who deserves new treats!

Dress it up, dress it down - whichever way you go, you'll stay cool and look great in this sleeveless colorblock dress. You don't have to forgo style for pregnancy. Have it all in these twill wide-leg trousers. They come in three colors, all of which would be perfect for the office or running errands on the weekend. Bermuda shorts.
Eyelet prints are having a fashion moment right now. And in luscious grape? What could be cuter?

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Beauty Moment- Spinlash Spin-Off

According to WWD (via  The Cut online), both Estee Lauder and Lancome are launching spinning, vibrating mascara wands soon. Call me cynical, but I'm kind of surprised that they are jumping on the Spinlash bandwagon.  I guess it validates  an application technique that I called unnecessary in my review - which I stand by, even as I continue to love using my Spinlash.  And it's true; this vibrator-esque wand has really grown on me.  Which I why I think that you should forgo the sure-to-be-pricey Lauder/Lancome models and go with the original Spinlash.  It's at Target (and you know you're going there anyway) for less than $15.  

Spring Collection- Babyphat

I was shopping at Macy's this weekend and came across a fun dress that was not my style, but I really wanted to try it on.  The dress was from Kimora Lee's  Babyphat spring collection:
It was pretty cute on.  I expected the clingy nylon/spandex material to pull and gather in all the wrong places, but that deco print works some serious magic in smoothing everything out.  I felt incredibly fabulous (Kimora would have been so proud).  I also felt like something of a poser, so I didn't make the purchase.  But it was fun to try on.
I love the fact that Babyphat has always included sizes 14-24 in the line.  And, while it's
 incredibly difficult to find tops that don't have the logo splashes across the front, Kimora knows how to design a pair of jeans for Bombshells.  Your butt will never be happier than when it's nestled into a pair of Babyphat jeans.
And if you've been looking everywhere for a denim jumpsuit, now you know where to go.  

If your look is less urban and more sub-urban, don't be afraid of Babyphat.  To get a snapshot of all the cuteness available, click on the Shop by Collection link on the site's homepage.  

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Friday, June 13, 2008

A Jumble of Love

In no particular order, a selection of of pieces I want in my closet right this second. Michael Kors cuff pinstriped wide leg pants, up to size 24. Insanely cute.

Everything about this look is so right - the print that is completely proportional to a curvy body; the drapey sash that draws the eye downward and elongates the overall look; the wedge sandals.

Oftentimes, silk tops make me shudder. But this one is well-cut and has some really special details. Check out those knife-pleated cuffs on the sleeves. Gorgeous. And how saucey is that curvy model, with her Cleopatra bangs? I saw a girl at work this week wearing Mary Janes with cropped pants. It looked so fresh. This pair, featuring a 1940's-esque flower detail at the strap, is especially fantastic. Available up to size 12. A gray purse will go with absolutely everything in your closet- depending on what you wear with this bag, it can morph from serious to playful. Up the playful-factor by tying a brightly colored scarf onto the handle.

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What the...?

As you all know, Bombshell Beauty is all (ok, mostly) about all the gorgeous clothes out there just waiting to be snapped up and styled by those of us who are sized 14+. While combing the net for inspiration, I came upon a few pieces that are absolutely, absurdly laughable. My husband actually had to intervene when I snort-laughed an iced chai latte out of my nose. So be cautioned- put the beverage down while you scroll through these gems.

The upside here is that Bombshells have options nowadays. We don't have to be spoon-fed the stuff featured below and be made to feel grateful that we're being given anything at all. We can laugh at the bad stuff and then bee-line for the good stuff. All right, let the cattiness begin. Even the model isn't quite buying these metallic linen pants, as she self-conciously twirls a strand of hair. Never in a million years would I have thought to combine metallic with linen. For good reason. This look can be purchased at Bloomingdales who, I might note, carries a woefully abbreviated selection of Bombshell looks - none of which are all that great. Silly Bloomingdales.
Could this top be more awkward? It's just a touch too long and lacks any sort of definition. On the upside- arm ventilation. For those days when you just can't decide: short sleeves? Long sleeves? How about longish sleeves slit up to the shoulder? Perfect! Thanks, Rachel Pally.
Again with the too-long length. I know the whole dress-over-jeans look will never quite go away, but this? Is not good. Plus, the surplice bodice hangs so low that even the perkiest breasts will look saggy.

What is up, Calvin Klein? Seriously. My grandma has a track suit that looks a lot like the print on this dress. And calling this a maxi dress? I don't think so.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beauty Moment- Coming Up

Bombshell Beauty has seen a considerable lack of Beauty Moments over the past few weeks. No worries, girls. This beauty junkie hasn't entered rehab; I've just been testing a whole slew of new products to share with you. Over the next few weeks, look for Beauty Moments on:
  • Sally Hershberger, shagalicious hair stylist to the stars, has a line of fantastic hair products. Best part? They're reasonably priced.
  • Looking for an all-natural deoderant? I'll tell you all about one I've been testing called Lavillin.
  • Total Beauty hooked me up with a few products from L'Oreal - Sublime Bronze self tanning spray, Skin Genesis Serum and SPF Lotion. I'll give you the low-down on whether to buy or pass.
  • What Not to Wear's resident makeup artist, Carmindy, has partnered with Sally Hansen on a line of natural makeup. It's getting a lot of buzz on other blogs - I'll let you know which products are worth the trip to CVS.
  • Plus, I'll share with you my 5 fool-proof products for getting out the door fast this summer.

Trend Translation- Light Denim

A great pair of jeans is a closet staple year round, but changing up the style and wash is an easy way to keep your look fresh.  This summer, light denim is gaining steam as a viable trend.  The key is to keep the overall look very relaxed and easy.  

Pair light wash jeans with leather flip flops and a couple of tanks layered over one another.  Or go California classic with a basic white tee, gold hoop earrings and a great tan (faux or for-real, take your pick).  Here are a few of my favorite pairs, made just for us Bombshells:
Old Navy "The Diva" Surplus Jeans, available up to size 30 in long, short and average lengths. 
The Lane Bryant classic boot cut jean lightens up.  
Yes, Alloy's Truck Jeans 5-Pocket Flares are cute...but proceed with caution.  These are some pretty serious flares, best left to those Bombshells with broad shoulders or wider hips.  

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fashion Risk

I'm always on the lookout for quirky, yet age-appropriate/stylish accessories.  One that I keep gravitating  toward is:
The bow-adorned headband.  Very Alice in Wonderland.   Very Zooey Deschanel.  Cheeky?  Tacky?  Wishful thinking on my part?  Every time I see one in a boutique, I think to myself, "Just buy it already.  You know want to."    But then my head interjects (in a really cynical voice), "Really?  I mean, really?"  And the headband stays in the store.  (Sigh)

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The Short Debate

Fewer articles of clothing can inspire such a gamut of emotions as shorts. Some women love them, others hate them, and still more women treat them with seasonal indifference: it's hot outside, my legs are warm, put them on and get on with the day.

I've not actually owned a pair of shorts for about 10 years. Not because I hate my legs or think shorts are vulgar or anything. I just prefer skirts. But I've been reconsidering my position lately, thanks in large part to this pair from Lane Bryant. I'm feeling very preppy these days, and what good is a prep without plaid roll-cuff bermuda shorts? Paired with a white tee and tall wedges, I would be the envy of Suzy and Buffy at the Club. Or at the very least, of Jen Lancaster. I'm also sort of intrigued by the idea of cargo shorts paired with a super feminine top. Something like this:
Z. Cavaricci cargo shorts from Torrid, plus this ultra girly roll-tab shirt from Liz Claiborne.Lucky magazine is always telling me that combining "tough" pieces with "feminine" pieces is the height of fashion and personal style. We'll see. Why not, right? Give it a go, trade in a skirt or two for a pair of shorts. I'll let you know how it turns out. Until then, share. Let me know what side of the fence you perch: short lover or hater?

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