Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beauty Moment- Dry Shampoo

One product that I am frequently asked about is dry shampoo.  Women want the scoop on this stuff: does it work, how does it work, does it make your hair feel like it's been coated in baby powder?  To appreciate dry shampoo,  you've got to understand that it does not replace regular shampoo.  Instead, use the product to revive hair post workout or when you're running late in the morning.   Your hair will not feel squeaky clean and soft after using dry shampoo.  It will look cleaner than straight up dirty hair- the starchy ingredients in this product trap oil in the hair and create volume at the roots.  

I've tried a few different brands of dry shampoo, and my favorite is Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray.   It's easy to use and smells pretty great- very fresh lemon verbena.   It also contains rice and wheat proteins, as well as Vitamin E, to strengthen and protect your hair.  In addition to protective ingredients, subbing dry shampoo for a couple of traditional washes will protect the natural oils your hair produces (which keep your scalp and strands healthy) and your hair color (especially if it's chemically enhanced).  

The Oscar Blandi spray is practically fool-proof to use.  Aim the spray nozzle toward your roots and blast for a second, lifting hair and working your way around your head.  Flip your head forward and spray along the nape of your neck.  Then rub your hands through your hair, massaging the scalp and working the product in.  Flip your head right-side up and style.  Your hair will have a lot of texture - perfect for holding a ponytail or up-do.  The spray is, in my opinion, an upgrade from the original Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo which I found more difficult to apply. 

Oscar Blandi's products are available at Sephora.  If you're on the fence about this one, pick up the 1.4 oz can for $11- it's the perfect travel size that will let you give it a try with minimal investment.  

Photo credit: Sephora.com

Monday, April 28, 2008

Secret Slimmer

I've noticed a newish trend in Bombshell clothing- the incorporation of slimming undergarments into the construction of pants and tops.  This concept is not exactly new; swimwear has long been working this angle.  But now designers are marrying stylish clothes with built in body shapers.  

Jessica London's spring collection features several options with built-in shapewear:  a line of dresses called Hidden Slimmer, Tummy Control pants, and Inches Off swimwear.   This Hidden Slimmer lace-print dress can make a woman look up to 10 lbs slimmer thanks to a hidden polyester/spandex panel that reshapes the tummy, hips and waist. 
Lane Bryant's Secret Slimmer line of pants, comprised of denim and trousers (both crops and full length), are a cotton/spandex blend. 
 Most women, Bombshell or not, rely on a body shaper to help enhance their figures at some point.  They can be aggravating to wear, what with the added bulk and the whole cutting-off of the circulation around the waist band.  I haven't tried these new shaper/clothing hybrids yet but wonder if they are a more comfortable option.  Can anyone weigh in?

Photo credits: JessicaLondon.com; LaneBryant.com

Beauty Moment- Hourglass Cosmetics Makeover Event

Calling all Bombshells in the L.A. area:  book your appointment today for a complimentary spring makeover from Hourglass cosmetics.  The event is coming up on May 10th at the Beverly Hills Barney's- this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a new look.  Or bring your mom for some pre-Mother's Day bonding time.  In addition to a full makeover, you can meet Hourglass creator Carisa Janes and lead makeup artist  Josh Wolf, take home a free full-sized eye shadow and qualify for free gift-with-purchases. 

For those not in L.A., head to Sephora to check out the Hourglass line.  Its technologically innovative products perfect your skin, and the luxurious packaging are chic and fun to use.  I think the Oasis Color Link combination set looks particularly interesting- shimmery nude eye colors and velvety blushes packaged in a beautiful palette.  Hourglass products have been featured in InStyle, Lucky, Allure, and Harper's Bazaar.   More to come on this cosmetics line as I become more familiar with its products.  

If anyone in the L.A. area attends the Hourglass makeover event, let us all know how it goes!

When:  Saturday, May 10th from 11 AM to 6 PM
Where: Barney's, Beverly Hills: 9570 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
How:  Call the Hourglass counter to schedule appt: (310) 276-4400 ext. 5598
Why: Free makeover, plus gifts!  Free eye shadow to all participants; free Sheen Reflective Lip Gloss with $100 purchase; free leather cosmetic bag with $250 purchase. 

Photo credit: Sephora.com

Bombshell Video

Check out this fun video on iVillage; it's a clip of a fashion show of spring finds for Bombshells on the Today Show.  

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beauty Moment-Latest Obsession

I'm obsessed with Drugstore.com/Beauty.com.  The two sites make shopping for both high and low end products a breeze because you can shop both sites but share an online shopping bag.  This means one checkout, which I think is genius.  Plus, most of the products on both sites can be set up for auto-delivery - you'll never run out of your favorite _______ (insert product here) again!
My most recent purchases include new favorite Canus Goat's Milk Foaming Milk Bath.  This
 generous bottle of lightly scented milk bath whips up frothy bubbles in the tub while moisturizing and softening the skin.  That light scent is best compared to the fresh, newness of throwing open the windows to your country cottage in the springtime.  $6.19 for 16 oz.

I was thrilled to find my old favorite, Bain de-luxe Rosemary Mint Foaming Body Scrub, in a
 huge 17 oz bottle for just $5.99.  This exfoliator gently scrubs away all my rough patches, foaming up and leaving behind the most energizing scent. 
Too Faced's Mineral Waters eye brightening pencil is the newest "Look alert!" product to hit my makeup bag.  The light pinkey-beige shade works like a charm when dabbed on the inner corners of my eyes.  When I'm in serious dark under eye circle trouble, I draw a line right under my eyes and then blend over it with my concealer.  The formula is infused with 35% mineral water which is supposed to increase elasticity and circulation in the eye area.  Oh, and it's "tested on celebrities, not animals."  

Photo credit: Drugstore.com; Beauty.com

Wear It Now, Wear It Later

In our Hollywood startlet society, it's easy to buy into the idea that a Bombshell should have a closet jam-packed full of clothes that she only wears once.   With a stylist at your fingertips and a host of designers panting at your door with armloads of free clothes, getting dressed is a no-brainer.   For real women, it's all about building a wardrobe that is versatile and made up of clothes that you absolutely love.  Each new season does not warrant a complete wardrobe makeover. With a few minor tweaks, you can wear each of these pieces year round- now and later.This sleeveless twill jumper by Necessary Objects (shown in salmon, also available in black and turquoise) features a classic empire waist with updated detailing- ruching to provide definition at the bust, the three button closure and  scoop neck.  This dress is stylish, as opposed to trendy, which means you can wear it for years to come.  Layer a tissue-thin tee under it or a tough denim jacket over it for chilly weather.  Barelegged with sandals; with tights and knee-high boots;  a change of accessories will transform the dress from wear-to-wear. White pants are a classic that happen to be trendy right now.  But let's face it- trends are cyclical.  Invest in a pair of white pants now and you'll find a million ways to wear them:  with a tee shirt and lots of jewelry for a rocker-chic vibe; with a printed tunic and sandals or a simple tee shirt and flip flops; with a black sweater and heels this winter.  Choose a pair without embellishment for maximum versatility.  
Every woman should have a few pieces in her closet that stand out, that are uniquely her and really make an outfit.  This bubble-sleeved babydoll top fits the bill with it's dramatic scoop neck and jeweled accent.  Wear it over crops or capris this season, transition to jeans and trousers for the next.  If you're a petite woman, you might even get away with wearing this long top as a dress over dark, opaque tights and heels.  

Photo credits: Macys.com

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Style Statement- T-shirts

Spring and summer call for an abbreviated wardrobe- as in fewer layers and shorter lengths.  With less to work with when getting dressed, it's essential that every piece you put on have something special to show your personal style.  For me, that means casual tee shirts and tunics with ladylike embellishments.  What's it mean for you?  Do you go for broke with accessories?  Choose a standout shoe?  Embrace the casual-cool of warm weather with a variety of tanks?  I love a tee shirt with cap sleeves and and a little ruching at the neckline- they work together to bring the focus to one of my favorite features (my collarbone).  If you have a heavier arm, choose a sleeve that doesn't cling to the upper part. Instead, go for a more natural sleeve like this:
MXM's Nikki Striped T features an open neckline and a lace-trimmed hem.  It would look really cute layered under a lightweight blazer or cotton hoodie.  And forget that old myth about Bombshells avoiding horizontal stripes - just keep them in proportion to your curves.  
Screen print tees are a fast, fun way to show the world exactly who you are.   Go ultra casual with a cotton skirt and sandals, or pair with cropped trousers and heels.  Just avoid screen prints that are precious (i.e. outlined in rhinestones).  

Photo credits: 1-plus.com/mxm; Alloy.com

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beauty Moment- John Varvatos fragrance

Perfume is such a personal thing - one woman's "Love it!" is another woman's "Gag!"  I usually gravitate towards fresh, clean scents like my signature Bobbi Brown Bath.  I've been on the lookout for a new scent to add to my repertoire, though - something a little sexy, a little more of a statement.  I think I've found it in John Varvatos's new namesake fragrance for women. 

Varvatos is an award-winning style maker, designing upscale clothes for men.  He's branching out into the beauty business with his scents for men and women.  His clean design aesthetic is evident in his perfume's bottle- the women's version is  curvy and pink, delicate but sturdy, topped with a glamorous rose-gold cap.  

John Varvatos is a complex fragrance, built upon coriander, Georgian apricot and Damascus plum before blending into a sophisticated heart of lilies, rose attar and jasmine.  Oakmoss, wild honey and just a touch of patchouli lend a hint of musk - very sensual.  

This is the kind of perfume that gets better the longer it's on your skin.  I felt like the scent melted into my pulse points, and I found myself sniffing at my wrists all day long.  When I got home from work 10 hours after putting it on, I was surprised to find my husband nuzzling my neck, murmuring something other than, "What should we make for dinner?"  That was enough to convince me to work this scent into my rotation. 

Available in both parfum and eau de parfum as well as a cleansing oil with buffing grains and a body milk.  Click here for more information. 

Photo credit: JohnVarvatosfragrance.com

What I Want Now

B and Lu always seems to know exactly what I want...before I do.  They've done it again with this vintage-style print shirt dress.  The print looks very organic-naturey in a way that is equal parts fresh and classic.  Never ones to forget a special detail, check out the feminine ruffle sleeves.  
Lord and Taylor's Bib Front Top in white is crisp and cute.  I'm always a sucker for a bib front
 - there's just something kind of polished/ casual about it. 
 I'll wear these black silk espadrilles with everything all spring and summer long.
  Photo credits: BandLu.com; LordandTaylor.com; Nordstrom.com

Monday, April 21, 2008

Trend Translation- Best Prints

There's no avoiding prints this spring/summer - florals, geometrics and the so-called painterly (splashes of color, a' la throwing paint on canvas) are everywhere right now. And they're not going anywhere for a while. So you might as well shove your solid colored tops and skirts aside to make room for prints in your closet.

I think the reason that so many curvy women are afraid of a print is 2-fold.
  1. Bombshells believe that a print will be "too much" on their bodies.

  2. Clothes featuring prints of the past were not crafted to create shape or definition on the body - two musts for a voluptuous woman.

In short, women think they are going to look like this in all prints:

You don't have to worry that every print is going to come out looking like you have a bulls-eye on your stomach. I promise. Case in point:This empire Grass-print dress from Elisabeth is gorgeous. Described as a fusion of art, nature and color, the dress provides just enough structure to keep your body from getting lost in the print and fabric. The proportion of colors and the pattern draw the eye vertically, creating an illusion of height (and who doesn't mind looking a little taller?). The straps and bodice show just enough skin, but are both wide enough to allow for a full-coverage bra underneath.

Sometimes all a printed piece needs is a little help to go from "I'm not sure" to "Heck yeah!". The Crochet Yolk Foiled Tunic from Lane Bryant is a great example. Despite the structure of the yolk neckline, this tunic is way too fluid for most Bombshells and will do nothing for a curvy figure (other than hide it - not an option). But the foundation of this print is good - it features a combination of larger and smaller graphic elements that work together. It would work best on someone with a little length in her torso, although this doesn't necessarily mean only tall girls can work this. A wide belt to cinch in the waist or a cropped cardigan/jacket are both options for adapting this tunic to accentuate the shape of your body.

I'd be totally remiss not to call this out: NO. I'm focusing on all the good things a print has to offer, but this is not it. It is generally unwise to stretch a print over one's bottom - unless it's something subtle. This is the exact opposite of subtle. If you really want to rock a print on your pants, make sure it's more along these lines:
Avenue's Striped Sailor Button Capri.

If you're still unsure about whether or not to get in on the print trend, start small. A pair of shoes, a chunky bracelet, a scarf tied onto your purse or worn as a head band. And if a printed tunic or skirt catches your eye, try it on before saying no. You just might surprise yourself.

Photo credits: JessicaLondon.com; LizClaiborne.com; LaneBryant.com; Avenue.com

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Don't You...

Why don't you buy a pair of shoes that go with absolutely nothing in your closet?
Maybe they'll languish on the floor of your closet, getting kicked toward the back and covered up with purses or last season's sweaters.  Or maybe they'll inspire you to pick up a new skirt or shirt to go with them, breaking you out of a clothing rut, getting you try something unexpected. The  possibility that a pair of rogue shoes could inspire something new and different in you is something pretty special. 

Photo credits: Payless.com

Beauty Moment- Prescriptives Instant Gratification

I understand that there's a time and place for taking things slow- on a first date, cutting off 6 inches or more of hair, buying a house.  But when it comes to perfect skin?  I don't wanna wait around for that.  And Prescriptives gets that.  In fact, they've named a product after me - Instant Gratification.  This all-in-one micro dermabrasion-peel comes pretty freaking close (in my opinion) to replicating a professional treatment at home.  Plus, it's oil free and non-acnegenic - both good things. 

 Slather a thick layer of the white scrub onto damp skin, rubbing it on with your finger tips.  The product will warm up on your skin which feels incredibly luxurious.  Relax with the mask on for about 5 minutes - your face will tingle and remain warm.  Then re-wet your fingertips and massage for 30 seconds, focusing on any especially dry or uneven patches.   You can use this mask once a week and follow it up with your usual skincare routine.   

This skin renewal peel is ah-mazing.  Seriously.  I have sensitive skin, complete with a tendency toward mild rosacea flare ups whenever anything too abrasive comes near my face (or when I drink too much red wine).  So I'm always on the look out for an exfoliant that won't make my skin angry.  Instant Gratification fits the bill - it's an easy to use micro dermabrasion scrub that whisks away tired skin cells, uncovering smooth, glowy skin underneath. 

 The only potential downside is the scent- while it is technically fragrance-free, there is still a somewhat evident medicinal smell.  Doesn't bother me, but if you're sensitive to stuff like that, you might want to sniff at the counter before shelling out the $45.   

Photo credit: Prescriptives.com

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Warm Weather Workout Gear

As a voluptuous woman who always looks at life in terms of fashion, fit and flattery, I'm especially sensitive to the dynamics of workout gear in my size.  If you do it right, exercise will make you hot and sweaty.  Workout gear can also make you hot and sweaty - full length sweatpants, especially.  And yet, shorty shorts are out of the question when I'm jumping, squatting and stretching.  What's a Bombshell to do?  
Slip on a pair of Old Navy's French Terry Bermuda shorts.  These 100% cotton shorts are soft and comfy, featuring a drawstring waist and subtle rib-knit stripes down the side.  They hit the knee, covering what I personally want covered and taking down the sweat factor just a notch.

In addition to green (above) the shorts are available in aqua blue and brown, up to size 4X for $22.50.  

Photo credit: OldNavy.com

Beauty Moment- Terax Original Crema

Ok, the full name is actually Terax Hair Care Original Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner.  Definitely a mouthful, but so worth it.  Terax Original Crema has something of a cult following among beauty editors and other junkie-types, and for good reason.  One pump - two if you have long hair - of product will coat your hair in moisture, leaving it soft, silky and smelling fresh.  

Like a lot of women, I love to experiment with hair color.  I love the proprietary blend of reddish brown/copper that my colorist gives me every few months, but I don't love the dry frizzies that inevitably crop up thanks to my devotion to chemical enhancement.   You hear me?  I thought so.  Crema was made for us, my friend.  

This deep-conditioning cream opens up the hair cuticle for maximum penetration and moisturization.  It also restores split ends.  Oh, and it makes me feel like a viable candidate for some hair commercial- complete with shiny, moveable, silky hair that I could toss around for days. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What to Wear - Kids' Birthday Party

This weekend, I'm headed to Chicago for my niece's 2nd birthday party. I don't have kids of my own, so I'm still used to the luxury of doing hair and makeup on a daily basis and not planning outfits around what is most stain resistant. My sister-in-law has let me know that once I have a brood of my own, that will change. So I started to wonder, what exactly should I wear to this shindig? Key facts to note:

  • It's taking place at Chuck E. Cheese

  • There will be a million kids there, along with their moms/dads/assorted guardians
  • Equally important are style (because it's always important!) and functionality-it's just not in me to do the Hokey Pokey with Chuck E. in 6 inch heels

Jeans are kind of a no-brainer here - I'm going with flares because they always make me feel kicky and fun.

A cute print and crochet detailing make this top from Avenue perfect for the Sunday morning party- casual, comfortable, and springy with a really appealing retro feel. Footwear is obviously very important. I'm going with a neutral gray flat like this one by REPORT - the Caley flat features cutouts which makes them a nice compromise between sensible flat and springy sandal.
Minimal accessories because the outfit has enough going on and doesn't really warrant a whole lot more. Oh and the less dangly things for the little munchkins to snag on, the better.

Photo credits: Nordstrom.com; Avenue.com

Monday, April 14, 2008

Beauty Moment- Step by Step NARS

I love this step by step tutorial by NARS that is featured on their Sephora home page. It gives you the instructions you need to create these two gorgeous looks:
The look on the left is their version of the smokey eye - but unlike many smokey eye tutorials, this one includes what to wear on cheeks and lips. I often think that creating the smokey eye is no problem - it's getting the rest of your face to compliment the strong eye that's a challenge.

The look on the right is the NARS idea of bronzed beauty. In addition to taking you through the steps to get luminous skin, you're shown how to recreate the classic NARS eye (gleamy neutrals to enhance any eye color) and a pretty, pouty lip.

Photo credit: Sephora.com
I would love to have a reason to wear a dress like this:
In fact, I would love it if all my clothes made me feel the way I imagine this dress would: regal, utterly feminine and unstoppable. I love the way this dress clings drapes across the chest, clings to the hips and then floats to the floor. And the color is unabashedly, yet gently, a standout.

Now, I'm not dilusional enough to think that this gown wouldn't require some pretty serious Spanx-like undergarments in order to work. But I kind of think it would be worth the suction-cup panty and strapless bra.

Available in sizes 14-24, at Nordstrom.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Why Don't You...

It's no secret I'm a fan of Harper's Bazaar magazine. So it is with great humility that I blatantly rip off Diana Vreeland's legendary column concept 'Why Don't You ______' (insert something daring, a little outside of the norm, just for fun). And Friday seems like the perfect Why Don't You day. So here we go.

Why don't you...

wear a white pant suit? This one from ALS Woman is beautiful, in no small part to it's notched lapel and single button jacket, the body-skimming trousers. The white is indeed striking, yet incredibly simple and elegant. For a burst of spring, swap this suit in for your usual black or gray at the office. Or stand out in a sea of little black dresses at a cocktail party. Break up the jacket and pants for maximum versatility (the true beauty of a good suit). Let's put the question, 'Can women over size 14 wear white pants?' to rest with a resounding, "Yes!"

Photo credit: Macys.com

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beauty Moment- Stila Kitten Palette

I may be in the minority here, but I'm not a big fan of makeup palettes.  Don't get me wrong- I love the idea of them; a bunch of makeup compacted into one portable little compact?  So tempting.   It's just that most palettes don't live up to the hype for me- the colors are never quite right for my skintone, there's always at least 2 colors that don't work, etc.  But when I got a look at the new, limited edition Stila Kitten Palette, my cold, frosty heart melted a little.
The $40 palette is comprised of six gorgeous shades of eye shadow.  The building point for the colors  is the universally wearable, Kitten - a shimmery champagne that looks great on its own or used as a highlighter on the brow bone.  Here's how Stila describes the rest of the palette:
  • ray- a shimmering golden copper, perfect accent to a healthy summer glow
  • mystic - shimmering aqua blue, a bold shade for summer soirees
  • wheat- pearlescent beige, a perfect base for a bronzed eye
  • prize - soft gold shimmer, can be paired with any shade in the palette for a golden sheen
  • sun - shimmering golden peach, a sunny sparkle for day or night
I think this palette will be the key to my summer look - natural, gleamy and fresh.  
You can pick up this palette, and check out the rest of Stila's summer collection, online.  Use promo code SUMMER to get free shipping on an order that includes any item from the summer collection. 

Photo credit: Stilacosmetics.com

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Departure

I don't usually use this space to highlight what I consider to be poor choices in fashion- I'd much rather write about (and I'm guessing you would rather read about) all the great clothes that are out there. But I've seen this shape in several stores and walking around on real, live Bombshells and just want to put it out there:

No. That's the gist of what I have to say about these ultra wide leg pants. Hopefully, you can see why they're a no, but for the sake of clarity let me break it down:
  • Ultra wide legged pants add the illusion of extra weight throughout your butt and thighs.

  • They do nothing for balance - most women would have to wear football pads on their shoulders in order to balance out all the width on these legs.

  • To the floor styles like this one do not make you look taller. They make you look like you have no feet, which cuts off the illusion of height.

Just to be clear, I'm not against more moderate wide legged pants. They compliment my shape very well and are a personal favorite. It's these ultra wide legs that are such a no. Rule of thumb- your pants are too wide legged if, while the pants are on you, someone can fit their head up them.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Wraps

Ahhh, the changing of seasons. Good for the soul, hard on your wardrobe. It's too hot for that crew neck sweater you picked up for 75% off at Macy's, but it's too chilly for the frothy tanks and tees that are just sliding into stores now. The season calls for a wrap- something versatile enough to pair with lots of different clothes yet stylish enough to keep you from feeling like you're just covering up your well-thought out outfit. Here are a couple options:

I like this neutral wrap hoodie from Old Navy because the oatmeal shade is innocuous enough to compliment both work clothes and more casual outfits. I also like that you can wrap and tie it a variety of ways. This keeps the piece from becoming stale and provides more opportunities for incorporating it into an outfit- as opposed to just tossing it on as an afterthought. I'd like it better without the hood, but that's just my own personal style. Cardigans and wraps can quickly stray into shapeless territory, which is death to a Bombshell's curves. Combat that issue by choosing a structured cardigan with either button closures or a tie, like this one from Nordstrom. It's Donna Ricco's take on the tie-front cardie and would look great over a pencil skirt, flouncy dress, or tee shirt and jeans.Not technically a wrap, my favorite spring-time cover up is the denim jacket. Whether you choose a classic style or go for a jean jacket with more shape (like this denim blazer from Evans of London), you can't go wrong. You can wear it over anything right up til the sun starts to shine bright and the temperatures heat up. Then, stow it in your closet until Fall rolls around. When the air gets chilly again, you'll be covered.

Photo credit, top to bottom: OldNavy.com; Nordstrom.com; Evans.co.uk.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Equal Opportunity Lingerie

After the post on Old Navy's foray into Bombshell lingerie, reader Catmom asked for some suggestions on finding bras in sizes 42 + in a B-cup. It's hard to find a B-cup in Bombshell sizing because the mass market assumption is that most curvy women store their curves in the chest. Not true. So what's a B-cup girl to do? As one of those girls, I can share my own three step strategy.

1. Click on Lane Bryant.com. Find the Cacique page and then shop by your size. Make note of the styles that are available in your size.

2. Head to your local Lane Bryant. Find the bras you saw online in your band size (forget about cup size) and try them on. Make sure they fit across your back, don't bunch, gather or pull across the front, and that nothing is itchy or uncomfortable.

3. Go back home and order your bras online.

This may seem like an ordeal just to pick up a couple of bras. But keep in mind that a bra is an investment, it's something (most of) you wear every day, and it's got to be comfortable. And the hard fact of the matter is that B-cups in plus sizes just aren't that easy to find. I've spoken with several folks at Charming Shoppes (who own LB) as well as managers at some of LB's largest stores - they all confirm that B-cups are not big enough sellers to invest serious floor space in. Cold consolation to those of us who wear them... But on the bright side, they do carry several different styles (including my favorite: the sexy Passion Lace Lined Plunge Bra - pictured above) and colors online in B-cups.

Also remember that the support of your bra is 90% the band and 10% the straps. No matter what your size, if you absolutely cannot find a bra that fits well, take it to your tailor. Seriously - mine charges $15 to shorten the straps, move the enclosures and make minor tweaks to the cup. Nothing beats a custom fit.

I like Lane Bryant bras the best; where do you shop for lingerie?

Photo credit: Lane Bryant.