Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Formal Dresses

If you know a high school aged Bombshell, especially one who is already poring over copies of the prom issues of Teen and Cosmo Girl, let her know about a great web site called Coco Myles. The site creates custom-made formal dresses inspired by gowns worn on various red carpets by our favorite movie stars. The site also allows a shopper to create her own perfect dress by choosing the bodice, the skirt, the color, the fabric.

The dresses can be made in sizes up to 32. Yup, 32. How great is that?! This takes some time, obviously, which is why I'm already thinking prom. The dresses at Coco Myles are definitely not geared exclusively toward high schoolers, though, so keep them in mind if your closet needs a formal, too. The dress worn by Jennifer Hudson (above) is just one of the great designs you could be wearing out on the town.

Beauty Moment- Hand Lotion

While it's never too late to start addressing the signs of aging, it's better to start as early as possible, especially when it comes to your hands. Check out even the most well-preserved Hollywood stars in their 40's+; their bodies may be toned beyond belief, their faces mysteriously devoid of wrinkles or sags. But I guarantee that their hands look every single one of their years old. Start slathering those hands with a nice, thick cream now to keep your hands supple and smooth for the rest of your life. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Savannah Bee Company's Magnolia Hand Lotion smells fresh and clean with just a hint of sweet magnolia. Packed full of Royal Jelly (an amazing honey bee secretion used to nurture their larvae) and Honey, you can count on this non-greasy formula to keep your hands moisturized and soft.A tube of this Lemon, Rosemary and Walnut Hand and Nail Cream by Boots is never more than an arm's length away from me. Between the instantly-softening effects of the formula (so intense, I can push my cuticles back after a few seconds of massaging the cream into the my nail bed), and the refreshing, slightly spicy scent of lemon and rosemary, my hands are soooo happy. Classic, slightly retro, but always effective - Mary Kay Satin Hands hand cream. It's especially effective when used in conjunction with the Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub and Extra Emollient Hand Cream.

Photo credit: Savannah Bee Company,;

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can't Wait for...

Sandals! My feet are so ready for some freedom. How about you? What are you looking forward to in fashion? Cropped pants? Ditching your winter coat? Let everyone know in the comments.

Do you need help finding a fabulous swim suit for your trip to Puerto Vallarta? Or are you trying to find a petite tunic? Let me know what you're looking for and I'll do my best to help you find it.

Trend Translation- Ethnic Prints

Every spring, the pages of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue take a vacation to exotic, far-off places like Africa, South America and the Mediteranean. The key to successfully pulling off an ethnic print is in getting the proportions right. A print that is too small looks fussy and less chic, more 1980's grandma. A print that is too small diminishes a Bombshell's curves - all you see is one big swatch of color. There's no need to be afraid of a colorful print. Just look for shapes and proportions like these: Torrid gets it right with their red Mediteranean puff sleeve print tunic. The geometric print covers the body uniformly, and is anchored by the red bands at the arms and under the bust. The button details and slit v-neck are stylish and draw the eye upward. Flash a little skin if you're going out, or put a camisole underneath if you don't want as much cleavage.
Sprintime calls for a transition jacket. Why not make it memorable with this earthy, neutral print trench? Whether you're topping jeans, trousers or a little black dress, pull it all together with this ultra-flattering, princess-seamed coat. I like the rounded collar that serves as a frame for your face. Some women are afraid that a printed jacket will be too obvious, especially since it'll be worn a lot. Turn the print into your trademark, and it's instant style. B and Lu's Carlyle skirt is a subtle nod to the ethnic trend. A rugged mesh liner peeks out of the bottom of the flounce hem adding a dimension of earthiness to the piece. Pair the skirt with a simple t-shirt and flip flops for bumming around on Saturday morning. Or dress it up with a blazer and gladiator sandals.

If you'd rather use accessories to add a little ethnic flair to your wardrobe, look for natural materials like hammered metals, wood, cotton and animal prints. Old Navy has some really fun accessories at great prices (less than $6!).

Photo credit:;; B and; Old

Aveda Spring Makeup Lessons

For my fellow Bombshells in the Twin Cities area, take advantage of a fantastic offer at a Juut Salon Spa near you. Book an appointment with an Aveda makeup artist who will spend 45 minuntes giving you a makeover, using products from the new spring line. If, after the makeover, you purchase $25 worth of products your makeover is free. If somehow you cannot find a thing to buy (I don't know how that could possibly happen), your experience costs $25. Still a great deal, considering the personal attention and product recommendations.

Click here to view the list of participating locations, dates and times. I'll be at the Juut location in St. Paul on March 6th. See you there!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Beauty Moment- CG Lash Blast

I usually reserve Beauty Moments to tell you about products that I'm really excited about but given all the buzz around Cover Girl's newest addition to the mascara market, I'm going to break from tradition. To be completely honest, Lash Blast is a lash bust.

I knew I was in trouble the moment I broke open the package and felt the patent- pending brush. I don't think Cover Girl should waste the money on securing that patent; the bristles are made of plastic, which would be fine - I like a few other brands who are venturing into the plastic bristle brush. They are usually flexible, clinging to each lash and wrapping them in mascara. But Lash Blast's brush is completely inflexible. There's absolutely no give. And the blunt end of the brush attracts globs of the ultra-sticky mascara.

Speaking of the formula - it's this weird slick/sticky goo. My lashes needed some serious attention with an eyelash comb after being given the once-over with this stuff. It smeared all over my eyelids and created the freakiest, spikey lash look ever. Not what I was going for. As for the packaging - I love the bright orange, but the tube is huge. Way too huge - it takes up more than its fair share of space in my already-crammed makeup bag.

If you notice, the reviews on Cover Girl's web site are not exactly raving about Lash Blast. Save your $6.99 for the next "next best thing". I'm sure it's just around the corner.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Accessorize Yourself

After receiving three compliments on my earrings today, I pulled one out of my ear and tried hard to remember where/when they had been purchased. After about twenty minutes of musing and three emails sent out to friends/family asking, "Hey, do you remember..." it hit me - Fred Flare. $8. Stocking stuffer from Santa two years ago.

If you've never shopped online at Fred Flare, finish reading this post before clicking over there. And if you have been to Fred online and are now shaking your head at me and my taste - give me the benefit of the doubt here. Yes, you can purchase such gems as:

(For the record, I do not ever want to see you walking down the street wearing these earrings. Talk about the antithesis of a Bombshell. )

To make up for it, you can also find such truly great finds as these Rosette Filigree earrings ($10):

I love Fred Flare because it allows me to mix a little quirky wit in with my usually classically tailored clothes. The site is always good for an accessory that makes other people oooh and ahhh. If you secretly yearn to carry a Hello Kitty backpack or other such throwbacks to childhood, I might advise you to stay away. The temptation may be too great. You might just point and click your way to:
For a more appropriate throw-back, try the Love Is necklace ($9). It would be fun with a simple jeans and tee shirt, especially if you want to acknowledge the 70's bohemian trend that's just around the corner without committing to a maxi skirt.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beauty Moment- Mediterranean Spa Olive Oil Body Butter

I'm a tough cookie when it comes to lotion. I don't want to spend a lot on the stuff because I want to feel free to slather handfuls of it on my Minnesota-dry skin. But it's got to smell great, work wonders, and look good sitting on the counter in my bathroom. The stars aligned when I found Mediterranean Spa's Olive Oil Body Butter in my neighborhood beauty emporium (the link lets you purchase from a little shop in Boulder, CO).

The butter is made in Italy, and so evokes robust imagery of fields of olive trees, warmed by sunshine and harvested by extremely good-looking men. The scent is incredibly fresh, clean and natural. This I like because it does not compete with my perfume. The texture is that of butter kept at room temperature. There's no digging into the tub and then working slightly hard lotion (I'm glaring at you, Body Shop) into your skin. Instead, you dip your fingers into a perfectly creamy product and slip it onto your skin. You'll feel the tiniest bit sticky (the tiniest bit) for about 5 minutes after application. It quickly gives way to straight up smooth, happy skin.

If you prefer a different scent, you can take your pick of Lemon and Orange (refreshing citrus) or Avocado Oil (sweet and sensual).

I picked up my extremely generous tub of Olive Oil Body Butter (15.87 oz) for $18.95 at Garden of Eden on Grand Ave in St. Paul.
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Wide Width Boots

Wide width boots can be hard enough to find. But to find a pair on sale? Almost unheard of! Unless you head over to The site claims to carry the largest selection of WW boots on the Internet...I don't have the patience to either confirm or deny that, so do with it what you will.

What I do have the patience for is perusing boot after boot (in sizes up to 13 extra wide) that would be awesome with this dress or that pair of pants. Choose from a variety of styles (casual to dressy) and heel heights (flat to high). There's even a helpful page that walks you through how to measure your legs to ensure a good fit. Check out a couple of my favorites before hitting the site to find your own.
The scalloped edges on the tops of the Grant boot is unexpected and sexy, while the toe box is classic and refined. You'll be wearing this pair of boots for years to come, so the sale price of $109.99 is an absolute steal. At just $99, you can add the Indy boot to your shoe collection with minimal guilt, maximum style. If you're looking for a boot that fuses style with a rugged-relaxed vibe, this one is for you.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beauty Moment- Thymes Lavender Body Polish

I'll be the first admit that I'm not quite on board with the concept of going green when it comes to beauty products. I know, I know - there are a lot of really great companies developing products devoid of artificial ingredients and fillers. It's not that I purposely avoid organic products. I just don't purposely seek them out.

Imagine my sense of self satisfaction when I read up on my new favorite bath product, Lavender Body Polish by Thymes, and found out about its organic grass roots. Thymes was developed in the kitchen of the line's founder, Leslie Ross Lentz, who wanted to use luxurious products with ingredients she could pronounce. She whipped up batch after batch of soaps, salts and lotions, eventually expanding her home made line to a burgeoning line carried in stores across the country.

Back to the Lavender Body Polish; the tiniest amount of product - we're talking pea sized, max - will polish your entire body. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips, start on your arms and begin to rub the polish over your skin. The product's consistency is similar to hair gel - firm, but not thick. The exfoliating beads are made of jojoba and crystals of sillica, which whisk away dryness and infuse moisture into your skin.

The lavender scent is not as girly as I was anticipating. Instead, it's a complex blend of velvet lavender, warm rosewood, clary sage and violet leaf. It smells like a warm, soft blanket from childhood. Kind of. Give it a go, ok? You'll be glad you did.
Photo credit:
Is it me, or does this ultra-chic little cashmere jacket give off a rock and roll vibe? It's not just me, right? I know the obvious way to wear it would be over a little black dress or something equally swank. That would be cute. But you don't always want to be cute, do you?

That's why I'm feeling the rock and roll vibe. The jacket will lend an unexpected touch of luxe to dark denim jeans or black pants, a fitted white tee, and sky-high heels (maybe in red?). You know you want to...

Photo credit:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Out Sick

Sorry, Bombshells, for the lack of posts since Friday. I'm under the weather - boo. I'm popping Dayquil/Nyquil and hope to be up and running within the next day.

In the meantime, check out a few of favorite blogs - check out the links to the left!

Friday, February 15, 2008

What to Wear- Casual Weekend

There's something delicious about a weekend looming ahead for which you have absolutely no plans. Think of the possibilities! You could do absolutely anything...or nothing. And I've got the perfect outfit to accomodate such a willy-nilly, go with the flow, anything could happen weekend.

Start off with a great pair of relaxed jeans - nothing fancy. I like this pair of straight leg jeans from Evans of London. I know, I know - a lot of curvy Bombshells are unsure of wearing straight leg jeans. Trust me on this -check out the top we're going to put with this pair of jeans.
See? To pull off such a loose, flowey top your jeans have to be cut a little slimmer. Otherwise, you'll lose the curve of those fabulous hips of yours. Evans' Red Butterfly Smock is sweet and cheeky. Accessorize with two or three simple gold necklaces with small charms, or something similar. Let the print do the talking; make sure your accessories don't compete.

Another reason for the slim cut jeans is so you can pull these tres' cool boots on over them. Again, I know a lot of Bombshells who are wary of this silhouette - don't be. Work with your body shape to create an hourglass of sorts - volume on top, slim fit through your bottom (literally) and then a little more volume at the leg - thanks to the Evans Tan Pull On Boot. Create your own version of this outfit - swap out the slim jeans for bootcut; instead of tucking them into the boot, wear them over. Add a sweater. Whatever. Whether you're headed to a matinee movie, drinks with friends or to browse around your favorite boutique, you'll be casually cool and ready for anything.
Photo credits- Evans of London

Beauty Moment- Stila Cherry Crush

I've never had much luck with lip and cheek stains - those I've tried have either been too difficult to apply (I'm looking at you, Benetint, with your too-stiff, too-thin brush) or the color has been too bright. I've just never thought the payoff was worth the effort. But I think Stila may be on to something with their new product, Cherry Crush.

The sheer stain is packaged in the same applicator as Stila's Lip Glazes - in a slim tube with a brush at the top and a click-turn bottom. Turn the base of the tube to force the sheer cherry colored gel out through the brush bristles. The product seeps through the bristles, allowing you to apply the stain to your lips with precision. When applying the gel to my cheeks, the application was a little streaky when I used the brush but looked much better when I dabbed it on a fingertip and blended.

The color truly is a beautiful, natural flush that lasts and lasts. According to Stila, Cherry Crush reacts with the ph levels in your skin to create the perfect shade for you. It also contains Vitamins A, C and E which moisturize and provide anti-oxidant protection. You can snag a tube at Sephora or directly from Stila.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beauty Moment-Essie Spring Collection

I'm really excited about the new collection of nail polishes from Essie. Essie does nude colors extremely well - if you're looking for the palest pink or the lightest beige, you're going to find it within the Essie line. I keep my nails very short because...well, because I'm a nail biter. There, I've admitted it, it's out there, whatever. And while I always rock a bright shade of polish on my toes, I like to keep my nails a little more subdued. But that doesn't mean I don't want to make a statement with my hands, which is why I'm loving the Essie Spring Collection.Sweet and sassy, pale and perky - these shades are making big waves throughout the beauty world. Take special notice of Great Expectations - it's a pale gray shade that looks more Gatsby than Goth. Variations on gray polish are cropping up everywhere this season, and I especially like the sheerness of Essie's version. I'm also a big fan of Looking for Love - a very wearable periwinkle blue/purple. Get a jump on spring with a new coat of paint!

Photo Credit-

Now and Later

Buying spring clothes now, when the snow is still flying and I never quite get around to taking my scarf off all day, might seem a little ridiculous. But with so many tempting pieces on the racks, it's hard to say no. Like to this fantastic sundress from Torrid. The halter top, built-in belt to cinch the waist, and geometric floral pattern with a pop of yellow - perfect for a spring wedding or date night at W.A. Frost. With a few layers, though, you can pull this dress - or any of your sundresses- out of the back of the closet and give them a late winter makeover. Keep your arms warm by topping the dress with a solid-colored cardigan - preferably black. Even if your dress is a light color, grounding it with a black cardigan will make it seem more season-appropriate.

Instead of a cardigan over the dress, you could also layer a tissue-thin t-shirt under it. I'm talking tissue thin, though - that's key. A regular t-shirt will seem bulky and out of proportion. To avoid looking like a 5th grader, choose a long-sleeved tee. I like Mossimo at Target.

Complete your outfit with a pair of dark black tights plus boots or heels. For the extra fashion-forward, try tights with a very light pattern, like this pair from Lane Bryant:
Photo Credits:;;

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Barbie Loves Ken

I heard the rumors a few years back; rumors that were even more disturbing than Britney's hair extensions. Supposedly Barbie broke up with Ken. I don't know what caused the break up, or if they've since patched things up. But this Valentine's Day, I'll be paying homage to one of the world's most iconic love stories with this t-shirt from Alloy. Available up to size XXXL, it's the perfect way to share the love with a cheeky grin. I'll be wearing it under a tailored suit like this one from Lane Bryant: To pull the fun but polished look together, black patent heels will do the trick. Love it!

Photos courtesy of Alloy and Lane Bryant.

Beauty Moment- Clinique

Clinique takes me back to high school. Getting ready for school in the locker room after 5:00 a.m. freshman basketball practices, every girl had three or four of those marbled mint green compacts, a travel-sized bar of creamy yellow Facial Soap, and of course a bottle of Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Clinique was the perfect makeup line to get started with - its clean, clinical approach appealed to me and my friends as we were battling with acne and learning the ins and outs of skin care. Unlike more glamourous peers, like Lancome and Chanel, Clinique feels very accessible to those who aren't makeup pros.

As much as I knew and loved Clinique, though, it was a right of passage of sorts to "trade up" to MAC, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, etc. After almost ten years since graduating from York High and Clinique, I'm getting back to my roots. It's been a pleasant surprise to find that Clinique has maintained several of their classic products while introducing lots of new, innovative offerings too. Here are a few of my favorites:
Clinique's best-selling fragrance, Happy, was my signature scent from ages 15-21. After giving myself a spritz at my Clinique counter recently, I felt a rush of nostalgia wash over me. And while I wouldn't want to relive those particular 6 years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shimmering blend of floral citrus is simply, upliftingly beautiful. New to the line since I last wore the fragrance, you can layer the scent with Happy Body Wash and Happy Body Cream.

Up-lighting Liquid Illuminator is a new favorite. Not only is the color sheer and natural, bringing flattering highlights and glow to the skin, but the applicator is so convenient. Just one pump to a fingertip and I'm ready to pat on a healthy, not greasy, dew to my face. A little bit of the product dabbed on the top of my cheekbones looks great in photos - it's an instant face lift. Available in 4 shades, one of which will look divine on you.

And finally, no "Favorite List" would be complete without mentioning Different Lipstick in Tenderheart. I remember whipping out my shiney metal tube in choir class and applying Tenderheart liberally throughout the hour. The rosey mauve neutral is as perfect today as it was back in the mid-90's.

Photos courtesy of Clinique.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bombshell Icon- Jill Scott

Singer, artist, poet Jill Scott is one of my all-time favorite Bombshells. She's a Grammy-award winning singer, published poet, and actress. She's also a philathropist, with her own non-profit organization whose goal it is to connect underpriveleged minority youths in her hometown (Philly) with funds to attend college.

Not only is she incredibly talented, Jill epitomizes all the best that a Bombshell can be - powerful, gorgeous, completely in control of her personal style. She's not afraid to take up her fair share of a room - that hair! that printed dress! so fabulous!-in fact, she owns her presence. Take a page from Jill Scott's book and step forward today confidently.

What to Wear- Spring Break

It used to be very difficult to find summer clothes in the dead of winter. But as cruises and other mid-February/early March vacations have become more and more common place, so too has the ability to find so-called Resort Wear. In addition to swimsuits and cover ups, you'll find a collection of sun dresses, capri pants and tanks in stores right now. If I was headed to Playa del Carmen or the Bahamas, here's what I would be wearing:

Picture- perfect for sunset cocktails on the Lido deck of a cruise ship, Avenue's Knit Dress comes in three colors (Black, Olympian and Geranium- shown). Metallic sandals dress it up for night, flip flops make it day-wear, appropriate for shopping in a Mexican market place. Available in sizes 14-32, $39.95.
When you're vacationing at the beach, be sure to have several swimsuits to choose from. There are few things more unpleasant than slipping on a slightly damp suit that hasn't had time to dry from the day before. Old Navy has plenty of fun and affordable options, like this halter suit in a glamourous 1940's print. Available in sizes 1X-4X, $49.50.
Your butt will be the envy of your tour group in these Twin Dragon Cropped Jeans from Calvin Klein. The high pockets have a lifting effect on the rear. Available in sizes 14-24, $79.50.
Show off those sun-kissed shoulders in Missphit's Diva Halter. It would look oh so all-America paired with those cropped jeans (above), or go nautical-crisp by pairing it with white cotton pants and espadrilles. Sizes 1X-3X, $42.
Photos courtesy of Avenue, Old Navy, Nordstrom, and Missphit.

Beauty Moment

Sallow. Pasty. Dull. All words that describe my complexion right now. We're in the home stretch of winter (I'm so glad that January is over - who's with me?), and in order to sustain myself until March I'm on the prowl for something (anything!) to get some color in my cheeks. Requirements:

The color has to be natural and pretty

Formula has to be long-lasting

The pan should be large and generous - I love to have lots of room for swirling my blush brush

CARGO burst onto the scene in the mid-90's with huge pans of lip gloss and blush, but has kept a relatively low-profile since then. The brand commands a pretty good chunk of space at Sephora, though, so it must be doing well. I'm not overly familiar with CARGO, which made it all the more appealing.

CARGO's SuedeBlush in Sunshine Coast is exactly what my face has been searching for - for the past two months most definitely, if not for my whole makeup-wearing life. The powder is a multi-colored mixture of vibrant pink, warm gold and neutral pink. When swirled together with a large brush and dusted over forehead, cheeks and nose, it creates a healthy glow. For an alternative look, I focused the blush on my the apples of my cheeks - which created a gorgeous pop of color. The application isn't glittery, but glowey. Overall, gorgeous. This is $24 that will last and last - just like my happy face.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beauty Moment

I love this look from M.A.C. - it's called C-Thru. It's fantastic for so many reasons, such as:

  • The smokey eye is not only sultry, but extremely wearable thanks to a neutral combination of muddy purple, rose and gray/brown shadows.

  • Muted makeup is a huge trend this spring - this version is trendy without screaming "Look how trendy I am!"

You can use the same products to create a day and night look - I always appreciate makeup that pulls its weight in my bag.

Glossy lips. 'Nuff said.

If you'd like to create this look, product by product, click here. Otherwise, head to your local M.A.C. counter and have one of their makeup artists customize the look for your skin tone.
Photo courtesy of M.A.C.

Bombshell Bridesmaids

Few bridesmaids have a choice in the dress they wear; so let me appeal to those brides who are contemplating their choice of bridal party gear: choosing cute dresses for your best friends will not diminish your own beauty on your big day. No need to torture the girls who stand up beside you, especially if they are size 14+.

When I got married, my bridal party was comprised of women ranging in sizes from 8-26. It was important to me to find a dress that each woman would feel beautiful in. According to them, my mission was accomplished. I chose an extremely simple style (see below) in black.
It's from Davids Bridal, which is a great resource for dresses up to size 26. If you want to find one dress available in straight and plus sizes, David's Bridal (or a comparable bridal boutique) is the way to go. Black A-line is not every bride's taste, though - lucky for you, DB has a ton of great options at really reasonable prices. How cute is this one? The coral shade would look amazing in late spring, early summer. And the bodice is gorgeous - just enough embellishment to make any bridesmaid feel special, without being over the top. I especially like the way the dress is full and swishy without adding additional bulk to curvy hips.

If you don't want all of your bridesmaids to wear the exact same dress, you'll find a lot of really great options at retail stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Macy's. Now, before you start envisioning yards of beige pleated jersey and matching beaded jackets, take a look at this:

This JS Boutique Beaded Mesh beauty (available in Eggplant, shown, Chocolate and Black) comes in sizes 14-24. Any bridesmaid would be lucky to dance the reception away in this dress. And she might even wear it again!

Here's one more that I love love love - it's a Robbie Bee sleeveless dress in raspberry, with a subtle animal print belted waist. The straps are wide enough to carry a full bra, which is nice for Bombshells with larger busts.

Photos courtesy of David's Bridal and Neiman Marcus. Top wedding dress shown from Igigi.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Beauty Moment

This spring and summer, lips will be a getting a little make-under. Many makeup artists are temporarily moving away from saturated lip colors in favor of a light coating of creamy color. The idea, like much of spring/summer makeup, is to see a woman's skin (and lips) through the color application. I like this new direction because it's easy to do and feels relatively low-maintenance. One of my new favorite products to achieve the look is Bobbi Brown's Creamy Lip Color.

The lipstick/lip balm hybrid is extremely comfortable to wear. It's jam-packed full of shea butter and other emollients, so it glides on like a balm. The pop of color is sheer but long lasting. I was able to make it through the first three hours of my day (which included a cup of coffee and a bottle of water) before feeling the need to reapply. And it's not so much that I needed to reapply as that I wanted to. There's something about Bobbi's Creamy Lip Color's slim metal capsule that begs to be touched.

My favorite shades are Nectar, which looks like a wash of peachy pink on my lips, and Nude Pink, which polishes and enhances my natural lip color.

If you want to create the sheer lip look without buying a slew of new products, try this technique with a tube of your lipstick: apply the color straight from the tube onto the center of your lower lip. Press lips together until your upper lip has taken on some of the color. Use your fingertip to smudge and swipe the color over the whole of your mouth. Stay within the lines of your mouth, but we're not going for the perfectly-applied look. Top with a very light layer of gloss.

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown.