Thursday, January 31, 2008

You know Valentine's Day is just around the corner when every jewelery store at the mall is draped in cutout paper hearts and banners proclaiming, 'Show Your Love with a Heart Pendant.' I told my husband years ago that a heart pendant showed more questionable taste than love. Instead, he gives me a box of chocolates and I give myself (ok, and him) new lingerie.
I prefer to pick out my own lingerie for a couple of reasons. One - I know what I like and what I don't like. Full length nightgowns make me feel vampy - in a bad way - and uber short babydolls make me feel kind of trashy. All over lace is itchy, but a little can be sexy. There's a lot of personal preference in lingerie and it's just too much for me to ask my husband to keep track of it all.

The second reason I like to pick out my own lingerie is because I like to do something special for me. I like to know that underneath my jeans and simple tee shirt is a smoking hot red satin balconette bra and matching panties. This feeling of, "I'm secretly sexy," was especially powerful when I was single. Hell, it's still pretty powerful. Embrace the power of treating yourself like the Bombshell you are - pick out something pretty this Valentine' s Day, wrap it up in a fancy box with lots of tissue paper, and enjoy giving yourself the gift of sexy. Because God knows you give it to the rest of the world every day.

If you're having trouble finding what you want in stores, try these online retailers:

Lane Bryant (for more stock and sizes than in-store)


Photos courtesy of Torrid and Lane Bryant.

Spotlight on: Belle Avenue

Think of L.A. and what comes to mind? Sunshine, bikinis, movie stars, tofu, movie stars eating stars not eating anything...did I mention bikinis? What if I told you that, aside from all that, L.A. should bring to mind fabulous plus size clothes. And yes, I'm talking true plus size (14+) and not Hollywood's idea of plus size (8+). Let me shine a bright spotlight on Belle Avenue.

BA is a storefront in downtown Los Angeles that unites trendy, sexy Bombshells with trendy, sexy clothes created by local designers. Luckily, for those of us who don't live on the West Coast, Belle Avenue's collection of dresses and tops is available online. And trust me - you're going to want to order one of everything in stock.

The clothes are youthful without seeming young; they're colorful and stylish and priced right (around $25 for a casual shirt). They're cut well and will perk up your wardrobe basics. Most of the clothes are a polyester blend of some kind...but at least it's not the same old polyester blend design we've all seen a million times before.

Belle Avenue's clothes are available in sizes 14-24. Here are a few of my favorites, all of which are available online.

The Silver Stud Sexy Dress is incredibly fun and flirty. I'm a big fan of the embellished neckline - it does all the accessorizing for you! The plunging V adds a dose of sex appeal, while the wrapped draping across the bustline provides a nod to the Grecian trend that'll be everywhere this spring and summer. $38.99
Every woman needs a go-to outfit for a night out. The Sleeveless Hot Top (ok, the names of their clothes could use some work) is a great foundation piece for that killer night out look. Basic black - goes with everything from a red pencil skirt to dark jeans. The cut shoulder lets you show some skin and feel sexy, while providing some movement and coverage over the upper arms - which is one area that a lot of women prefer to keep covered. $26.99

Yellow is going to be huge again this spring and summer. Layer the Cute Simple Top underneath a gray suit for work, or toss it on over a jean skirt and sandals for running around on the weekend. $22.99

Photos courtesy of Belle Avenue.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beauty Moment

I recently cut my formerly looong hair into a short cropped bob (no, I didn't jump on the Posh bandwagon). I feel like a new woman, and while I'm not sure it's the hairstyle I'll still be wearing in a year, it's great for now. The problem? Learning how to style it. I've got the option of going straight and sleek, curly and cute, or messy chic. It's nice to have options, but it also means a cabinet full of various hair styling products. I did find one, though, that adds the perfect final touch to all of my styles: Pantene's Texturize! Texturize and Shine Defining Pomade.

The product is a hybrid between mouse/gel/pomade wax. The consistency is that of a body butter- it's not as thin as mouse or gel but not as hard as pomade. A pea-size amount rubbed between your fingers yields a slick coating of product. The hold is great - flexible enough to push around and rearrange as needed, but strong enough to withstand a good gust of wind. And the shine is like icing on the cake - you won't end up greasy, just kind of gleamy. And who doesn't want gleamy hair?? For a double shot of icing - a generous 1 oz. tub was only $3.99 at my local Ulta.

Easy Shopping

Shopping isn't exactly hard these days, whatwith the availability of great clothes online. But I love the fact that lots of online retailers are making it even easier to find exactly what I want in a hurry.

Barrie Pace and Evans are two sites that let you choose how to shop - by collection, by size, etc. There's nothing more disappointing than pointing and clicking your way through a billion dresses, then finding the perfect one only to discover that your size isn't available. Shopping by size right out of the gate eliminates that problem. Shopping by collection (or style of clothing, such as Formal Wear or Denim) is the way to go if you are easily side-tracked, i.e. you're supposed to be looking for a black skirt but find yourself double clicking on screen tees instead.
Lola and Gigi carries clothes by a variety of designers. In order to make site navigation easier, they've created a page called Designer Profiles - it gives a synopsis of the kind of clothes each designer creates. This way, you can go directly to whichever designer creates whatever you're looking for. It's also a great way for you to get to know the designers who love Bombshells - you can learn a little about them and be on the lookout for their collections in other boutiques and department stores.

Another retailer addressing a common problem in online shopping is Eddie Bauer. For as much as we all know the importance of comparing our measurements to those on each web site's size chart, sometimes it's just impossible to understand how something will fit. Is the top you're eyeballing a loose 18/20, or a form-fitting 22? E.B now includes a visual of how each article of clothing is supposed to fit. It eliminates some of that annoying guesswork.
As online interactions continue to mean big revenue for retailers, I think we'll see even more resources put into making the online experience as pleasant possible. One of my biggest issues with online shopping used to be the inconvenience of making returns - having to mail products back to the online site instead of returning direct to store. Most retailers have resolved that one, making me a happy shopper. I'm wondering what your biggest pet peeve is about online shopping. Anything? Nothing?

Monday, January 28, 2008

One of Bombshell Beauty's readers, Sarah, left a comment that inspired me. Under the entry titled, Your Perfect Wardrobe, she described her favorite outfit - a killer ensemble that, as she put it, doesn't actually hide any of her 200 pounds but makes her feel amazing. I absolutely love that.

I think there is a lot of confidence to be drawn from embracing the idea that your clothes aren't hiding anything. If you're a size 14, 18, 22, or 32 - everyone in the world can see it. They may not know exactly what you weigh or what number is on the tag of your jeans. But they can see that you're not a size 2. And that makes me feel incredibly free.

So many women spend a lot of time and energy buying clothes that they hope make them look smaller, thinner, less curvy, whatever. Why bother? You're not fooling anyone (except maybe yourself...sort of). And why should you? Instead, put your energy into outfitting your body and your life with whatever makes you feel fantastic. Right this second, this ultra-girly gray gypsy top with chiffon bow from Evans makes me feel fanastic:
So thanks, Sarah - for reading Bombshell Beauty, for leaving great comments, and for being fabulously inspirational!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Splurge or Save

This weekend, as temperatures across the U.S plummet, you could cozy up in this beautiful sweater by Classiques Entier. The nude champagne color would look amazing with a pair of dark jeans and flats. I love the way the shoulder buttons lend a little sex appeal, trailing down the arm. The sweater is a bit of a splurge at $168. Or for the same cost, you could pick up each of these pieces and create an entire outfit:
Old Navy's striped sailor pants will elongate your legs, especially when paired with pointy toed shoes. Bonus? The nautical print on these 100% cotton pants will see you through this spring and summer. All that, for just $26.50 (on sale now, regular price $32.50).
Top the sailor pants with the Lucien cardigan in charcoal from B & Lu, $42. The shirred gathering at the chest lends some structure to an otherwise free-flowing cardy.

Pick up the blue in the pinstripe of your pants with this saturated sapphire tee. It' only 7 pounds (approx $14) from Evans of London. But don't feel like you have to pair blue with a blue pinstripe pant - in such a subtle tone, the pinstripe becomes a neutral that will go with just about any color.
Slip on a kicky pair of peep toes. On sale at Payless for $19.99 (regularly $22.99).
Icing on the cake - add a triple strand necklace like this one from Mark. $16
Total cost of this fabulous outfit - approximately $118. Now that's my kind of splurge!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here Comes the Bride

Almost 8 years ago, I went wedding dress shopping with my now sister-in-law, Katie.  She’d just gotten engaged to my older brother and we were living together during the last few semesters of college.  One smoldering hot summer afternoon, as we lay on the floor of our apartment trying to decide whether or not we could afford to turn on the air, Katie had a great idea.  “Let’s go try on dresses at David’s Bridal!”  The suggestion combined three of our favorite things at the time: shopping, wedding planning and free air conditioning.

It was a Tuesday at 1:00- not exactly prime wedding dress shopping time, so DB was completely dead.  To be funny, I decided to pretend that I was getting married and needed to try on dresses, too.  The bored-looking attendant perked up, asked our sizes and hustled off to find the first armful of dressess for each of us to try on.  What she came back with for me, in my size 22, was…uhm…interesting.  I’ve blocked most of it out now, but I do have visions of a few gowns Heather Locklear would have loved in the mid 80's.  High bodices covered in lace and beading, bows trimming the edge, ruffles and layers galore. (*Shudder*)

I gaily tried on the dresses, preening in front of the wall to wall mirrors, having fun with the sheer mad idea that any Bombshell would want to look like that on her wedding day.  Next to me, Katie tried on beautiful, tasteful dresses.  It was pretty hilarious.  Until it hit me – at the time, maybe Bombshells didn’t have much of a choice as to how they looked on "their" day.  Maybe they had to take whatever was available and pretend to be happy about it.   Scary.

Fast forward to present day – I got married a little over a year ago and when it came time to find my perfect gown, I conjured up chilling memories of those dresses on that trip with Katie.  Luckily, David’s Bridal and other retailers have come a long way.  I found the dress of my dreams without any hassle, no tears, and I didn’t even have to pay a fortune (although I could have if I’d wanted to; it was nice to have options.) 

Choosing your wedding dress should be exciting and fun, whether you’re a size 8 or 28.  Some plus size women  feel intimidated at the thought of going out and searching for the dress of their dreams - will the sales people be nice to me?  Will they make me feel bad about my size?  Will there even be anything for me to try on?

 The answers?  Yes, no, and yes.   David’s Bridal carries most all of their plus size dresses in-store so you can try them on - and they are beautifully tailored to the curves and proportions of Bombshell bodies.   Lane Bryant, one of the most trusted Bombshell retailers, has jumped into the wedding gown pool as well.  They carry a variety of styles, including a really cute cocktail-length dress (below). 

Don’t settle for anything less than you’ve always wanted.    If you’re getting married soon, check out a few of my favorites below.  Next week, I'll show you a few of my favorite selections for bridesmaid dresses. 

Draping train, beaded ruching - this dress is sporty yet feminine all at once.  You could dance the night away in this one!

It doesn't get more classic than the floor-length A-line with beading along the bodice. 

Not everyone wants the big, princess dress.  Perfect for a morning ceremony or a wedding on the beach, Lane Bryant's cocktail length dress hits all the right notes. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Your Perfect Wardrobe

I realized recently that I'm the kind of woman whose wardrobe constantly revolves in and out of the closet. I buy something, wear it until I get sick of it and then give it to a friend or donate it. I'm just not a keeper, which got me thinking: do I have clothing ADD or am I approaching the concept of my wardrobe all wrong?

In my teens and 20's, getting dressed was less about personal style and more about "fashion", i.e. trends. Trends are by nature disposable, and in a way so are your teens and twenties. I learned a lot from both trends (my shoulders are too broad for peasant sleeves) and that time of my life (Hard Core cider and Kahlua are not a good combination).

As I near my thirties (which I cannot wait for), I'm going to be reconsidering what I put in my closet. I want to create my own personal perfect wardrobe. In order to make it onto one of my wooden hangers, an article of clothing must:
  • Make me smile at the thought of putting it on
  • Feel good to the touch - no more polyester/jersey blends (a challenge when shopping for clothes 14+, I know - but I'll make it happen)
  • Go with at least 2 other articles of clothing already in the closet

I want to know what your wardrobe is like. What's your favorite piece of clothing?

Monday, January 21, 2008

On Trend

Every season, a few colors or color combinations resonate throughout most designer collections. This spring, get ready to see purple (especially dark amethyst) everywhere you go. As with any trend, avoid looking generic by taking this extremely flattering color and tailoring it to your Bombshell curves and your personal style. For me, this means using it as an accent color within my predominantly green, black and raspberry wardobe. I especially like the idea of using my accessories (shoes, necklaces, headbands) in order to infuse a little purple into my look.

Check out your closet, take note of what colors comprise the bulk of your wardobe and decide where/how you'd like to mix in purple. If you already wear a lot of purple, look for new color combinations to pair it with to create a fresh, new feeling.
  • Amethyst +gray + ice blue = Cool jewel

  • Lilac + chocolate brown + bright white = Crisp and cool
  • Plum + grass green+ American blue = Eclectic artsy
Evans gets it right with this purple and black striped kimono top. Not only are the stripes elongating, especially when paired with dark jeans or black pants and pointy-toed shoes, but the deep v-neck creates the perfect frame for your beautiful face. Add a basic camisole underneath for the office or running errands, or go bare and sexy with lots of cleavage for a night out on the town. Sizes 14-32, on sale for 12 pounds. Igigi's purple yoke wrap dress makes a fresh statement with a classic shape. A wrap dress was created to skim across curves, and the swing hemline of this version adds extra movement and flow. Take a tip from the model above and pair your purple with luxe leopard print shoes. Available in sizes 14-32, $96. A chunky purple heel can serve as a more fashionable neutral, especially when paired with a monochromatic outfit in black, brown or gray. Think suits or trousers. They're more versatile than a pair of either black or brown heels since they can go with both colors. This pair is by Sofft, and is called the Teegan. Available up to size 12, on sale at for $59.99.

Photos courtesy of Evans, Igigi, and

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spring Trend Report - Florals

Few icons epitomize the rebirth of sunshine and growth more naturally than flowers, the very definition of spring. After several seasons of geometric prints taking center stage, floral prints are blooming as one of the biggest trends this spring. And yet there's something about a spattering of floral print across fabric that makes me shudder. It just seems too…trite. Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against a great print. And I think curvey women were made for prints. But floral prints have a way of walking a fine line between fashion-forward and downright dowdy.

To keep florals from coming across as too precious, I think it’s important to ground them with a dark solid color. Ironically, taking away some of the print’s surface area maximizes its impact. This outfit from Old Navy is a good start – shapely jeans and a cute little flutter-sleeve top. It’s a little bland, though. Add a long-sleeved black cardigan and the fluttery floral motif looks a little quirky, less demure. Or wrap a blueberry colored scarf around the model’s neck to allow more of the print to show through while providing a visual counterpoint to the print.

I always think it’s a good idea to mix elements in your outfits – classic cuts in outrageous colors; pearls with jeans; girly florals with a tough foundation like dark black jeans or a structured pencil skirt. To keep your look current, avoid pairing floral prints with ruffles or tiered skirts, anything with too much volume or flow. There’s a floral out there for everyone; find yours and then wear it in an unexpected way.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spring Preview

This month, all the major magazines and department stores begin unveiling all the new spring clothes we have to look forward to. This spring, there's good news and bad news. I'll give you the bad news first. There's really nothing new out there, trend wise. Dresses, belted waists, 40's/50's inspiration, jewel tones, animal prints. It's all the same stuff we've been wearing for the past several seasons, just lightened up a bit for spring.

The good news? You won't need to overhaul your wardrobe in order to update your look. Since the same stuff that's probably already in your closet is still on trend, a few accessories, a new pair of shoes, one or two minor pieces and you're good to go.

Over the next few days, I'll scour the stores, both brick and mortar and online, to find the best interpretations of the major spring trends to fit and flatter our curves. I'll also share with you a few of the trends that I won't be participating in -and why. Until then, pick up a few magazines (I like Harper's Bazaar and Lucky) to get your imagination going.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Stila at Ulta

Ulta, occasionally known as the poor-man's Sephora, is stepping it up.  Ulta may have come first, but in recent years has lagged behind the French beauty powerhouse in attracting department-store brands.  Ulta has always been the place to find every imaginable drugstore brand - which is extremely convenient when you need to pick up shaving cream, mascara and some hair binders.  What was once their weakness is now, I believe, their ace in the pocket when it comes to competing with Sephora.  

Ulta's range of high end beauty brands has expanded over the past couple of years to include Bare Escentuals, Bourjois, Too Faced, and Smash Box among others.  Now, they've landed Stila.  I'm pretty brand-loyal, but also enjoy trying out new ranges.  Stila is one I've heard a lot about and always hover around at Sephora.  I've never made a purchase, though.  But with their launch at Ulta comes a box of the best of their products: Tinted Moisturizer, Convertible Lip and Cheek color in Peony, Convertible Eye Color in Onyx, Mascara, Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar and Eye Shadow in Kitten.  Sold separately, these products are worth over $100 - but the gift set is on sale now for just $40.  Can you say amazing?

I snapped up the set and love every product in it.  The tinted moisturizer reduces redness and provides very light coverage and moisturization.  And it has tiny light reflectors that make my skin look bright and alive.  The Kitten eye color is very gleamy- it looks great on its own, just a brightening wash of color, and works well as a highlighter right in the corners of the eye.  Mascara?  Clump-free and lash lengthening.  Convertible lip and cheek color?  A nice nude, neutral.  And the lip glaze?  The perfect nude lip color; great coverage with gorgeous shine.  

There are two morals of the story here.  
1.  Keep loving Sephora, but check out Ulta.  You can buy your favorite discount products AND try out some terrific high end products too. 
2.  If you want to try a new brand, especially a more expensive one, keep your eyes peeled for special deals like this one.  They're out there!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bombshell Bargains

As most retailers attempt to unload fall and winter merchandise in order to make room for spring's floaty frocks, it's practically impossible to walk into a store not running a clearance sale. I really hope you're doing some serious wardrobe planning - weeding out those items that are tired/unworn, figuring out what your closet is missing- so you can make the most of the low prices.

Most women follow the 20/80 rule of dressing - they were 20 percent of their wardrobe 80 percent of the time. Wouldn't it be nice to let go of what you don't wear and replace it with something you love and look forward to wearing? Check out a few of my favorite pieces below (all on deep discount!) for inspiration. Then take a good, hard look at what's in your closet. I'm betting you can make a big impact by replacing just a few of the items permanently hibernating in there.
Talbots' plaid boucle skirt is a great staple for almost any woman. Pair with a blazer or sweater set and it's perfect for a day in the office. Top with a silky camisole and you're on your way to a dinner date. Add boots, subtract tights - with a few adjustments this skirt will see you out and about year-round. Also available in petite sizes 14+, this skirt is on sale for $49. I love the variety of skirts that Talbots is carrying right now.

I love this pair of vintage-inspired faux-amethyst earrings from Torrid. Not only are they a steal (just $9.98) they're incredibly versatile. Because they are the definition of understated glamour, you can pull them off with a cocktail dress or jeans and a tee shirt. In my book, versatility is a wardrobe must - jewelry included.

I love this crochet-trim tunic by Lane Bryant because it's sexy without throwing it all out there. Like a true Bombshell, I think that alluding to the curves underneath is a lot more enticing than putting on a show of cleavage and legs. The cutout trim gives a flash of skin around the neckline, drawing attention to the face. Fabulous. And fabulously on sale for $24.75.

Photos courtesy of Talbots, Torrid and Lane Bryant.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Thanks for all the comments and emails letting me know which dress you think I should wear to my company's holiday party - the winner was the red dress. Most everyone loved the strapless number but worried about the safety of "my girls" while busting a move on the dance floor. The red dress was universally described as a beautiful, yet safe, choice. The party is tonight and I'm looking forward to slipping it on. So, thanks!

If you have a big night this weekend, a party or a date, let me share with you a trick I've learned about tights. Despite the admonishment of East Coast fashion editors who purse their lips at girls who go out with tights or panty hose under their dresses, I think most Bombshells like equal parts sex-appeal, style and warmth. So I give tights a big thumbs up under a dress in January. The dilemna can be this: control top or no.

Control top versions can be downright painful - that bionic waistband digging into your tummy all night can seriously cramp a good time. Non-control top versions will inevitably inch their way down your thighs, pooling at your knees. On a whim recently, I decided to put on my non-control top tights THEN my underwear. Worked like a charm. The underwear served as a makeshift of garter for the tights.

The more I write about my discovery, the more I begin to wonder if this is not ingenious but just kind of crazy...I'll stop by saying that it works for me. Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Dress Me (Again)

This time, I literally mean it. YOU dress ME. My company holiday party is coming up this weekend (yes, I know the holidays are over - I work for a big corporate company. It takes a lot of planning and reverifying of resources, etc to get anything done). We're going to a club in downtown Minneapolis, where there will be cocktails, dinner and dancing. The theme is International Fusion. (I don't actually know how that will play out or why we're having a theme beyond "Holiday Party.") The challenges here:

  • It's January in Minnesota, which means it's freaking cold.

  • Yes, it's a party but it's a party with my co-workers.

  • I need to be able to bust a move on the dance floor which means nothing restrictive or shoes that are too painful.

I'm torn between two dresses. Help me out by casting your vote in the comments.

First up is this little number from Evans of London - it's a silk bustier dress that I snagged for 30 pounds (would have to check my credit card statement to see what pounds to US dollar conversion). It's a little past knee length with a flattering sash at the waist. The print is...strong. Too strong? Or International Fusion?
Second choice is this ladylike lace-topped red dress from Igigi. It offers more coverage and is a little more understated - definitely a safe choice. Very cute and flattering, though. It's so hard to choose - do it for me.

Photos courtesy of Evans and Igig.

Operation Glass Slipper

Every February, the magazine newsstands begin to fill up with covers of frothy prom dresses. My prom was just about 10 years ago, but seeing those magazine spreads of dresses still sends a nostalgic jolt of excitement through me. I was the girl who started buying the magazines and dreaming of organza and satin at age 13. I pictured my own prince charming twirling me around the high school gym, being gallant and romantic as only a prince could be.

My actual prom was nothing like that. There was no prince charming; instead I took the brother of one of my best friends. And the dress? The only dresses large enough to fit my Bombshell curves were found in the Women's World of the local Dillards. They were mostly beige, with pleated skirts and beaded bodices, offset by a gauzy jacket. Luckily, my mom was able to find a minty-lime green number somewhere. It wasn't the dress of my dreams, but it was the dress of my size. The point is, I remember exactly how it feels to be thinking about prom. Do you?

Operation Glass Slipper is a non-profit organization for which I volunteer. Our mission is simple - to unite gently used prom dresses and accessories with high school girls in the Twin Cities who can't afford them. We collect dresses and raise money to purchase shoes, purses, makeup, and jewelry. On April 5th and 6th, we'll be pulling all of our donations together and opening up the OGS shop in a storefront at the Mall of America. High school girls who have been referred to us by guidance counselors, clergy, social workers etc will arrive, ready to try on dresses and put together the outfits of their dreams - free of charge.

We have a HUGE need for dresses in sizes 14+. Can you imagine what it would feel like for a high school Bombshell - maybe not as comfortable in her beautiful curves yet; maybe feeling a little self-concious - to arrive at this event and not be able to choose her dress from a full rack? Instead of feeling excitement and an eagerness to try things on, she'll feel a lot like I did - maybe you did - just grateful to find anything in her size.

If you have a gently used formal gown that you would like to donate to Operation Glass Slipper (especially if you're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area), please click here or contact me to learn more. I am also in charge of collecting beauty products to give the girls - sample sizes of lotion, perfume, lip gloss, etc - so please let me know if you would like to help with that. Evey girl of every size and economic means deserves the chance to attend prom - let's do what we can to make that happen for our young Bombshells.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dress Me.

I love putting outfits together - it's a creative outlet and a lot of fun. But sometimes, it's nice when someone else does the heavy lifting and all I have to do is toss on the fruits of their labor. Take this little number from Old Navy:I love the ease and simplicity of this stylish outfit. The menswear-inspired trousers are timeless yet trendy (always a winning combination!). The tunic is also a delightful contradiction - the shape is floaty and bohemian, while the black and white color combination is crisp and slightly sporty. I wouldn't typically recommend a top that features detailing at the hips for a Bombshell figure - that band could easily cut your curves off, turning them into a liability - but the careful proportions makes this work.

Old Navy has accessorized this outfit with gray flats and bag which is perfect for work, but it could easily be amped up with bright yellow, red, pink - any color that catches your eye for a night out.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The holidays may be over, but there are still plenty of reasons to get dressed up and hit the town. If for no other reason, do it because these clothes are so freaking cute:

Missphit is known for their figure-flattering, ladylike tops and tunics. I especially like the Emma Ethnic print in plum. The wide neckline elongates and hints at cleavage. The sexy pairing of plum jersey with lace detailing and a waist-cinching belt with o-ring brooch strikes the perfect balance between current and classic. Paired with slim black pants and flats or dark wash jeans and heels - all eyes will be on you (as they should be).
Another take on the ladylike night-out look is this velvet wrap dress from Igigi. Doesn't this just scream "Date night!"? Less obvious than red, more alluring than black this purple velvet number strikes just the right note. If you're extra busty, don't be afraid of the skimpy coverage offered by the wrap - slip a lacy camisole underneath.
Hit the town with your girlfriends in this bright green belted satin top from Torrid. Satin can be hard to wear, but this top's ultra-flattering cut ensures that the fabric will hug you in all the right places and flow away from your stomach. A great color, pretty detailing around the neckline and a belted waist come together to create a fun, flirty look. Wear with a neutral pant to create a long silhouette.
Photos courtesy of missphit, Igigi and Torrid.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


  • To love my curvy hips, full thighs, flat butt, smallish breasts, large feet, wavy hair, sensitive skin, ragged cuticles - just as they are.
  • To exercise cause it makes me feel good, and for no other reason.
  • To eat pizza when the need arises.
  • To try out a few new trends while staying true to my personal style.
  • To resist the urge to cut bangs - cause even though it looks awesome on everyone else, it never goes well for me.
  • To wear red lipstick to work.
  • To post updates to Bombshell Beauty daily, Monday through Friday- cause I love my readers AND all the fabulous size 14+ clothes out there, just waiting to be discovered.

Happy New Year, Bombshells!