Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The snow has been piling up here in St. Paul, and the largest factor in my outfit each day is how warm I'll be. Here's a selection of outfit-making warm additions that I'm loving right now:

This Michael Kors convertible cardigan is the perfect piece to keep at hand for those times when you can't decide if you're hot or cold. Made of a cotton blend, the three-quarter length sleeves ensure that you won't be sweating within moments of pulling it on. And the soft shaping will drape beautifully across your curves. One size fits sizes 12-24.

I can't get enough of these Calvin Klein wide-leg jeans. Seriously, your butt will thank you for making it look so amazing. This pair has some stretch, but is also pretty substantial. You won't feel the wind whipping across your legs.

I know, I know - Uggs are gross, Tim Gunn hates them, etc. etc. I'm not going to disagree that there is absolutely no reason (fashion or otherwise) for the girls from The Hills to be traipsing around L.A. in Uggs and shorts. That is so unnecessary. But for traipsing through the snow? There's nothing better. I like that the Surfcat Laceup boots accomodate wide calves.

Indoor scarves are absolutely not just for Grandma. Layering a scarf over a basic tee shirt is a great way to stay warm all day and add a splash of color & texture to your outfit. The key to pulling it off with style, as opposed to looking like you forgot to take your scarf off with your coat, is to stear clear of bulky wool or fleece versions. Choose a lighter-weight cotton option. I like this Echo Pleated scarf.

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