Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Duh...Why Aren't You Shopping

I received my weekly magalog from Lane Bryant today, and staring up at me from the cover is this shot:

Is it just me, or does the model look like she's mad about something? Or at the very least, slightly perturbed? Like, in her head she's saying, "Duhhhh....why aren't you at Lane Bryant (or the very least on RIGHT NOW buying the outfit I am modeling?" After flipping one page and seeing this super cute jacket, I could understand where she was coming from.

Additional favorite highlights that make me think I'll have no problem redeeming the included $50 gift cheque include:

So...what are you doing right now? Why aren't you shopping? Check out for more info on new arrivals.


  1. I just saw that color block dress and am definitely going to buy one - I liked the Igigi color block dress, too (now sold out in my size) but couldn't justify the cost. But this one is more affordable and gives a similar look. Must also remember a shaper cami to go under!

  2. Those lace cheeky panties are the best things in the world. <3


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