Thursday, November 13, 2008

Versatile Clothing

In these interesting economic times (I'm so tired of hearing adjectives like "uncertain" or "tough" or "freaking scary"), it's important to make sure that everything you buy is truly worth the dollars you plunk down in payment. Before making any new clothing purchases, ask yourself how many different ways you can wear the piece that you're modeling in the dressing room mirror. Can you throw a cardigan on top? Put a thin turtleneck under? Belt it? Pull a sweater over it? Wear it with jeans, trousers, a pencil skirt? By ensuring that the clothes in you closet are versatile you'll avoid wasteful spending and wardrobe boredom. Need a little inspiration? Look at the two distinctly different outfits built around this one top:

Old Navy Flutter Sleeve top in Dark Night - available up to size 4X. My closet is mostly populated with short sleeve or sleeveless tops because I can wear them year-round by adding or eliminating layers.

Layer a sweater, like this Rosette Cardigan in Lemonade from Old Navy, unbuttoned over the top. Don't be afraid of bright colors - you can mix a shade of yellow like this over a print that contains a little bit of yellow or other complimentary color, or button up the cardigan and let it stand alone.

Dress up your look with a slim-fitting pencil skirt - this version from Old Navy features some really nice details like subtle pleating along the front and back, and a full lining.

Add some flash with a wristful of bangles and some gold hoops- you're ready to give a presentation at work or for a dinner date with your sweetheart.

For a casual alternative, let's keep the shirt and ditch the cardigan, skirt and jewelry.

Unfasten the first couple of buttons on the floral flutter sleeve top. Add:

Wine-colored Henley tee shirt.

Your favorite pair of jeans.

A warm scarf. Done. Good to go. Head out to the grocery store or catch a movie with the girls. Versatile, cute, totally mixable. That's a wardrobe done right.

All clothes available online in Old Navy's women' plus department. Photo credits:


  1. Love the rosette cardi - too bad it is sold out in some of the smaller sizes in the lemonade. However, I might have to snag it in another color this weekend since they are having their 30% off deal. Thanks for sharing!

  2. If I hadn't already run up my Old Navy card on other outfits you suggested, I'd be all over this cardigan. I love your style!

    This might sound corny, but I'm feeling much better about myself and my size after finding this site. Thanks, Bombshell!


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