Thursday, November 20, 2008

Style on the Cheap

It kind of feels like, for some people, the party is over doesn't it? Decadence is no longer fabulous, it's gauche. I've read a couple of articles lately that said people who still have money are trying to keep it under wraps because it just doesn't feel right to flaunt it. As a regular woman with an average bank account, I've always had an appreciation for the nice things in life. But the things that are actually in my life are from Target, not Neiman Marcus. And while I wouldn't mind having scads of money to buy head-to-toe Dior, I don't mind pulling together outfits from Lane Bryant, Avenue, and a variety of online resources. In fact, I would wager serious money that it's more challenging to shop on the cheap and look great than it is to have tons of money on hand. I know, I know - that's not exactly an earth-shattering revelation. But it's true. There's no need to feel bad about your lifestyle- how much money you have, what size the clothes in you are closet are, if you know it's cool to like coffee but the taste makes your tongue curl. Between the economy and politics around the world, I think our society is in for a shakeup - in a good way. A way in which everyone is less defined by what they have and more defined by who they are.

One of my favorite blogs is called Fab Finds Under $50. The blog's owner, Kimberly, is gorgeous, stylish, resourceful and has an uncanny knack for pulling together really cute outfits that cost less than $50. She posts daily pictures of her fab outfit and lists out where each piece came from and how much it cost. Really fun. Check it out, get inspired, dive into your own closet and start making some fab outfits of your own!

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