Friday, November 21, 2008

Spotlight on: JC Penney

When I think of JC Penney, I think of weekly doorbuster savings, "one-day sales", and "lowest prices of the season" every other Wednesday. Penney's definitely understands the power of a sale. But does this old-school discount store understand the power of cute clothes?

If this long, plaid bias cut skirt is any indicator, I'd say they do! Wearing long skirts can be difficult - the length walks a fine line between chic and shlump. When wearing a longer skirt, ensure the length hits no farther down the leg than a couple inches below your knee. To balance the added volume a long skirt provides, keep your top fitted.

This belted swing skirt is a really flattering option for that great, essential skirt that most women need in their wardrobes.

This purple turtleneck sweater features some really cute, but subtle details - the finish on the sleeves and waistband, the ruching along the chest. This sweater is a combination of cotton/cashmere, so it'll feel soft on your skin.

This charmeuse blouse is really pretty and versatile- it would look equally great over a slim skirt or a pair of dark jeans. The open neckline highlights the face, while the seaming helps define your curves.

I prefer shopping online at Penny's rather than shopping at the store - it's easier to find the good stuff. And most the discounts available in-store are also honored online. Something to keep in mind when shopping at a discount store - understanding the fabrics you're buying is important. To say that you get what you pay for is true, but doesn't have to mean your wardrobe looks cheap. Make sure the fabrics you buy at stores like JC Penney feel good on your skin - avoid anything that feels cheap. And take care of these items once you get them home - treat them delicately when washing so they don't pill and fall apart.

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  1. I am totally digging longer plaid skirts this season. Something so librarian chic about them! Also, now that JCP has added a few free standing stores in my city I love shopping at them because they are so easy to get in and out of. Add in the fact that they have a mini Sephora in them and I am in ♥!

  2. I love a longish skirt with boots. And I love JC Penney; it's my best fashion "secret".


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