Friday, October 17, 2008

Virtual Shopping Spree

Sometimes, it's just not fiscally possible for me to shop as often as I'd like.  A girl cannot live on clothes and lipstick alone - she also needs electricity, basic cable, and a cell phone.  So for those times when I want to shop but need to pay bills, I choose a store and shop virtually.  Anything that looks enticing is clicked into my shopping cart and then when it comes time to check out, I don't.  

This little game is actually a lot of fun because my funds oftentimes inform my purchases.  When shopping for real, money in hand, I sometimes shy away from or don't purchase pieces that are outside my normal style - what if those neon yellow shoes end up languishing at the bottom of my closet?  What if I wear that mandarin-collar top twice and realize it's just not me?  When shopping virtually, I'm more open-minded and usually end up with a a few items in my shopping cart that would add a fun twist to my wardrobe.  

Someday, after one of my virtual shopping trips, I'm going to click the next button on the check-out screen. For now, check out what I  "bought" at Alloy - lots of cute, casual separates!
I am fully on-board the headband bandwagon.  Love this one!  It's very 1920's flapper without looking costumey.  It'd add a funky touch to a shift dress or a button-up and jeans.  
Sometimes a big cowl-neck, cable knit sweater is too much (too heavy, too bulky) but this sweater vest might be just right.  It looks cute and modern.
Short Sleeve Turtleneck, available in more colors, up to size XXXL.  This is a really great layering piece (under jackets, under tanks and sleeveless dresses to get through the seasonal transition) at a really great price- just $14.50.  
Varsity Raglan T, more colors available, up to size XXXL.  This tee shirt does a masterful job of using the contrast stripes on the sleeves to shape curves on the body of the shirt.  

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