Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lace Lust

I am so in love with this dress:
I have a thing for lace dresses - there's such an innately feminine, retro appeal to lace done right (and a Grandma's doily problem when it's done wrong...) - and Kiyonna is my source for sophisticated, thoughtful lace concoctions.  This one is called the Retro Glam Lace Dress.  It's got a beautiful 1940's sensibility to the fitted bodice and flared skirt that begs to take part in a song-and-dance act.  It features a removable satin sash adorned with a sparkly brooch that is divine.  

The Retro Glam Lace Dress is an LBD done right - lace should always be black, only black (in my opinion) - in such a way that it reminds us all that if you're going to do a little black dress, make it unique.  Other favorite black lace creations from Kiyonna include:

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  1. Oh, I have that 3/4 scalloped lace dress (with the nude underlay) and I found it a bit bland :cry:

    I agree that lace is just too, too gorgeous though - the hunt for the perfect lace dress goes on!


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