Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Concert Tees for You & Me

In honor of tonight's New Kids on the Block concert, I thought I would scour good resources for concert tees in plus sizes. My search kept leading me back to one place: eBay. Sure, I found a few at Torrid (although does anyone else have a hard time with their tees? They're so short on me!) - including a couple of classic NKOTB tees, but eBay seems like a veritable concert tee jackpot for those who need more than a size large.

You'll find vintage and previously owned shirts and new ones, too. I had the best luck by typing in the name of the group I was looking for along with the size. For example: New Kids on the Block XXL. Here's just a sample of what I found:

Garth Brooks tee...didn't he have some kind of kooky alter-ego? Wonder if I could find a tee-shirt of that.

Billy Idol - my parents banned me from watching his Rock the Cradle of Love video on MTV back in the day. Contemplating kids of my own, I can see why.

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