Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beauty Moment-L'oreal Lips

I'm a huge fan of Collier Strong's. Not sure who that is? Then you must not watch Project Runway (and given the past few seasons, I can't blame you). He's the L'OReal Paris makeup artist who helps pull together the PR designers' look for the runway. I've learned a lot watching him and have given L'Oreal makeup a second glance thanks to his tips and tricks.
Admittedly, I don't have a lot in my makeup bag that wasn't bought from a department store. That's just how I roll. I prefer to test my makeup out before purchase. I do like to roam the beauty aisles at Target, though, and I've been keeping an eye out on L'Oreal. Their HIP High Intensity Pigment line is by no means new, but it does continually put out some of the most innovative drugstore products. This line reminds me of MAC. I've been testing out a few HIP products over the past few days, and one that I really like is the HIP Jelly Balm.

Jelly Balm truly feels just like its name - the consistency is thick like jelly but the texture is smooth like a balm. The gloss provides a slick pop of color that layers well over lipstick or looks naturally pretty on its own. The only thing I don't like about Jelly Balm is that it's in a pot - I don't like dipping my finger into color. Where to wipe the excess? (Maybe that's just my neurotic issue).

I'm equally enthusiastic about a nourishing gloss from L'Oreal's Bare Naturale line- Gentle Lip Conditioner. Maybe even more so because it's dispensed from a tube; similar to Stila's Lip Glaze, you click the color up through the tube. Bare Naturale's "thing" is that it's derived of 96% natural ingredients (Mineral bandwagon? Thatta way!). The lip conditioner is thinner than the jelly balm, the color a notch more subtle. You get more of a neutral wash of color and shine than the Jelly Balm provides. Thanks to Almond Oil and Vitamin E, your lips will see a cumulative softening effect. It's replaced my tinted Burt's Bees stick.

I'll let you know in a few days what I think of the other HIP products that I've been testing . In the meantime, let me know what your favorite L'Oreal products are and why.

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