Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unlikely Source for Fabulous

Can you just imagine how gorgeous this embroidered sweater would look with a full, flouncy black skirt and aviator pumps?   It doesn't get more Bombshell (as in authentic, 1950's gorgeous Bombshell) than this.  Guess where you can buy it?

Coldwater Creek.  Yep.  Color me shocked.  

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  1. Cute - but help me out, what are aviator pumps?

  2. Click here to see what I mean. They're usually characterized by little perforated holes that can create a pattern. Boden calls them "sassy brogues." :)

  3. Ah, I used to work at CWC! Good times...they do tend to have some trendy-inspired and overall nice-looking clothes that can be worn by a hipper set mixed in with a lot of dowdy items. And the sizes and cuts are quite forgiving, and geared towards real women's bodies.

  4. CWC is somewhat new to me - I've walked through the store, quickly, with my eyes down lest I get snagged by a pair of pleated, tapered pants. Clearly I was being an elitist, though.


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