Monday, September 22, 2008

Plus-size Line Opens Milan Fashion Week

Italians are long known for loving and celebrating the essence of woman - and Milan is showing their love by opening their Spring '09 Fashion Week with a show by plus-size designer Elena Miro. Opening the week is a pretty big deal for any designer, much less a designer of plus-size clothes.

The models all appear to be (best guess) between size 12-16. Sure, they're on the small end of plus-size, but it's really nice to see women who look more like us than not. One of the most common excuses that straight size designers give for using size 0 models is that they believe clothes look better on women without curves. Elena Miro disproves that theory. Her line isn't available here in the States, but if you're going to be in Italy (obviously) or the UK anytime soon, stop in at Harrods for the complete collection.

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