Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall Update - Jewelry

Contrary to what every issue of Us Weekly or People Style Watch would have you believe, it's not necessary to overhaul your wardrobe every season. In fact, your wardrobe should be made up of enough quality pieces that you just need to supplement your basics with a few drops of new blood. Be inspired by these great pieces of jewelry that will get you excited about pulling on the same clothes you wore last fall.

This white tiger bracelet looks like something iconic jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane may have concocted back in the 60's. It's gold plated with white enamel and looks tres' chic - and thanks for Fred Flare, it's completely affordable. Yup, $14.
These delicate necklaces from Red Envelope would look perfect paired with a crewneck sweater or tee shirt. Available in silver or gold, I like the bottom one that features a star and a tiny plaque that reads Dream. $49.95-59.95.
Jump on Ebay to find unique statement pieces like this octopus necklace for super cheap. This one was about to be snapped up for less than $15, including shipping. And you can bet that you won't spy every other Bombshell walking down the street sporting the exact same look.
Real, fake, it doesn't matter. Get yourself a ginormous pair of studs and wear them with confidence. No one's going to be looking close enough to tell what grade your diamonds are - so they might as well be cubic zirconia (for now, anyway). Unless of course you're able to buy the real deal in which case, by all means. The point is, a little sparkle at your ears is going to class up any outfit. Buy this set of two sterling silver cubic zirconia sparklers from for just $19.99 (plus shipping and handling).

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