Thursday, September 18, 2008

Closet Check- Tops

A closet check - much like a middle school "hand check" - ensures that everything can be accounted for, wardrobe-wise. Do you have certain tops that serve specific functions (i.e. work shirts, going out tops, something to throw on Saturday morning), or do you try to make them fit whatever situation you're in i.e. forcing that work-appropriate button down to go out on the town or asking your co-workers to believe that sparkly top is totally appropriate for Monday's staff meeting? If so, you might have a closet situation.

Facts are facts - it's a tough economy and shopping for new clothes every week is not something everyone can (or should) do. I'm all for making your clothes pull double-duty whenever appropriate. There's the kicker, though - whenever appropriate. For example, I own an amazing cotton black wrap top that fits in absolutely anywhere I take it - paired with gray dress pants and a cami for work, ditch the cami (show off the girls) and add jeans for date night, pull on over a tank and yoga pants for running errands. But most of my shirts fit specific aspects of my life. And I'd look pretty silly if I tried to make them fit in where they don't belong. There are three major categories to each Bombshell's life, and each one should have its own clothes.

Whether you're in a corporate 9-5 job, work part time in a shop or run your own business from home, you're most likely expected to look a little more pulled-together in your work life than elsewhere. Look for tops that are polished. Go for fabrics that are more substantial (as opposed to wearing t-shirts to work 24/7) such as poplin, fitted sweaters or silk. And for heaven's sake, make sure your bust is covered. If you're going to spend a little more money on any category, do it on work tops.

Evans Grey Strip Jumper Shirt, $50

Going Out

I frequently see women trying to pull off evening-wear at the office. Slapping a cardigan on over a slinky tank top does not make it office appropriate. Similarly, it's incredibly boring to wear the exact same thing out to a club or to Saturday night dinner that you wore throughout the work week. No need to splurge here, but keep your eye out for tops that have embellishment or other funky details, that highlight your cleavage or shoulders. Think fun and sexy.Ashley Stewart Tie-neck Bubble Top in Caramel, $34

B & Lu's Paloma Top, $16 (on sale)


A closet full of basic tee shirts is incredibly boring, even if soft cotton is the definition of casual comfort. Again, no need to splurge; just look for fun cotton tees in a variety of shapes and colors. You'll probably be able to slip on a tee once in a while at work, too - under a cardigan or a great blazer.

Avenue Smocked Detail Top, $24.95

Old Navy Shirred Scoop Neck Top, $22.50

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  1. Thank you thank you for this post; it's just the kind of thing I've been looking for. I don't have a wardrobe, I have like one pair of jeans and some random tops which all don't fit to varying degrees. And I had no idea what to even look for in basics, so you've given me some great ideas here. Thank you!


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