Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall Preview- Old Navy Mid-Century Glam

I love love love the Mid-Century Glam collection. The clothes are ladylike, with really interesting details. It's very chic in a Hitchcock-ian way.
This eggplant drape tank is new and different, not something I've seen elsewhere. It might be hard for busty girls to pull out - that's a lot of fabric across the chest. But if it does suit you, pair it with dark jeans for a night out, or with these herringbone trousers.
Once you have basic black, gray or brown pants in your wardrobe, I think it's a good idea to start tossing in a few other options. This herringbone print draws the eye down from your waist, elongating your legs.
I love the kick of fullness and movement at the hem of these two skirts. It's a nice change of pace from the full skirts that have been everywhere this summer. They're a little buttoned up, with the slim shaping throughout the waist and hips, but the hems are a little flirty. Because both skirts fall below the knee, I'd wear them with heels to avoid looking stumpy in the legs.
Floral prints showed up all over the Fall runways, but I have to admit to being a little leary of them. I feel like this kimono wrap dress does it right, though, in a way that's pretty but a little edgy. The gray base of the dress makes it look a little moody, which feels so right.
(Sigh) I love this dress. If I were going to buy only one thing out of the Old Navy collections, it would be this one. The balance and proportions are perfect; it's prim along the neckline but swishy and full along the bottom. And the color is great!


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