Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cute Shoes!

There is no easier way to bond with another woman than to exclaim, "Cute shoes!" Shoes draw women of all backgrounds, all personal styles, all budgets together. Cute is cute, no matter whoyou  are. And man, are these cute:Suits Me black and white peep-toe t-strap heel by Amanda. Stock for this shoe is extremely limited (sizes 8 & 12 only) at, but they're an absolute steal at $19.99.
I can always count on Payless to indulge my desire to funk up my footwear without making a major investment.  For just $22.99, add a little blue patent heel to your life.  
As a 6' Bombshell, I appreciate the sex appeal of a cute little flat.  Stuart Weitzman's Ditzy Suede flat, featuring tough but flirty silver hardware accents, is so right. 

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