Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beauty Moment- King of Shaves for Women

My husband kind of freaked out on me last week when I introduced King of Shaves Woman into our shower. "Why didn't you get me any of their stuff? That's the best shaving stuff ever!" Someday, I will get him to call things products and not stuff.

In the meantime, I thought, "Wow - that's a pretty ringing endorsement of this King of Shaves stuff...I mean product." I don't know a whole lot about shaving products - I usually choose shaving gel based on the scent and price. Then again, I'm often plagued with razor burn. Could the two be linked? Hmmmm...

I tried two different formulas, the Pamper & Moisturize Shaving Gel and the Smooth & Sensitive Shaving Gel. They are both thick, pearlescent gels that glide onto the skin and create a barrier between skin and razor. Neither of them foam up, which I really liked. Comparing the King of Shaves gels to other mass market gels, mass market brands sometimes dry out on my legs as I fumble around for my razor, dodge the shower head to avoid rinsing out my conditioner too soon, and generally putz around the shaving process. King of Shaves gels do not get dry; they retain the smooth gel consistency which provides just the right amount of "slip" for the razor to get a close shave.

The Pamper & Moisturize formula smelled beautifully of a very light tuberose - I would love an entire line of lotions and body washes that smell like it. It's packed full of aloe and chamomile, and left my legs feeling smooth and hydrated.

The Smooth & Sensitive formula is great for anyone with extra sensitive skin. It's unperfumed so as to cut out a major potential source of irritation. It also features chamomile, aloe vera and white lily.

Some women might balk a little at the price of King of Shaves gels- at about $7 per 6 oz tube, it's almost twice the cost of store brand shaving gels and creams. Plus, the gel makes shaving so enjoyable that I like to really slather the stuff all over my legs and go to town. But you know? After my first week without razor burn all summer, I think $7 is worth it. Isn't that what a recession is for? Replacing bigger splurges with smaller ones? (Yeah, that's what everyone keeps telling me, anyway.) Since I can't afford Prada booties, I think King of Shaves is a fair trade.

Tell your man to move his tube of King of Shaves over because it's not just for the boys anymore! Get yours at Target, Duane Reade and

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