Monday, August 4, 2008

Beauty Moment- [comfort zone]

This has been a tough summer for a few of my longtime favorite products, as they've been replaced by new finds.  Case in point?  I've been using Bobbi Brown's Lathering Tube Soap and Soothing Face Tonic forever.  I've written about both extensively, how clear they make my skin and how the scents work together to create a spa-like experience in my bathroom.  And while it's true that I still like my Bobbi skincare, I've been cheating on her for a few weeks.  The other brand in my life is [comfort zone].  

[comfort zone] is a line of products from the Davines S.p.a., an Italian company whose goal is to create an overall experience with their products that combines innovative, research-based formulas with an Oriental-inspired gentle, natural approach.  Toss in a touch of the refinement that Italians are known for, and you've got a selection of treatments that will do your skin good while making you feel good (and oh so chic). 

I've been using Everyday Milk as my face wash.  It's a rich cleansing lotion that smells absolutely heavenly - some days I pick up more of a honeysuckle scent, while others I'm sure it's fresh lavender.  Typically, these are two scents that make my nose involuntarily crinkle but within Everyday Milk, the scent is so
 light and soothing that I could literally walk around with the bottle hanging from my neck.  I rub two pumps of lotion between my hands and then massage my face for a few minutes - the lotion removes every last trace of makeup and daily grime in a flash.  You can either wash the cleanser off with water or just wipe it away with a towel.   I have normal to combination skin, so I was little worried about using a lotion-based cleanser.  But instead of feeling greasy and broken out, my skin has been clear and incredibly smooth.  

I follow Everyday Milk with Everyday Tonic.  My skin has been looking a little dull lately, so I was secretly (fingers crossed) hoping that the tonic would wake
 things up a bit.  Give me some glow.  I was completely shocked when it actually did.  I should have done before and after shots, but I honestly didn't think my skin would look as noticeably fresh and happy as it does now.  There's no tightness or dryness after using Everyday Tonic.  If anything, it works with the Everyday Milk to build a hydrating, protective barrier on the skin.  

So, you get that I love [comfort zone] Everyday products right? Now you can too- for free!  I have three Everyday Maxi Kits, which include a 200 mL bottle of Everyday Milk and a 200 mL bottle of Everyday Tonic, to give away.  Just be one of the first three Bombshells to email me at  That's all you've got to do!  I'll email the winners back by the end of today.  

If you're not a winner but still want to get your hands on [comfort zone] products, click here to see if there's a spa near you, or order online.   

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