Monday, August 25, 2008

Beauty How-to: Perfect Wavy Hair

I've spent all summer perfecting my tousled, Kate Hudson-inspired,  didn't try too hard (but actually spent the better half of an hour on), beachy wavy hair.  And now, on this last week before the unofficial start of fall I've finally got it.  Great.  Fall is no time for beachy wavy hair (no matter how glorious it may be).  Or is it...

I think wavy hair is a fantastic counterpoint to the dark colors &  streamlined styles that fall is going to bring our way.  Fall textures are always so serious - wool, corduroy, cashmere and the like - that bouncy, imperfect hair will infuse a little life and fun into your fall look.  Wanna get it?  Here's what you'll need:
  • Diffuser and hair dryer
  •  1" curling iron- this is the most essential tool for creating this carefree look.  I like a 1" barrel because it works well on both long and shorter (chin length-ish) hair.  Recommended iron: The T3 Twirl! 1.00.  This tourmaline-infused ceramic curling iron heats up incredibly fast.  It uses negative ions  & infrared heat to protect the condition of your hair which is so important.  This style does not look great on fried hair; the T3 Twirl! will keep your hair soft and silky, day after day.   Get yours at Misikko or  via other authorized dealers. 
  • Styling Spray- look for one that is lightweight so your curls stay bouncy.  You're looking for a spray that will help loosen up the curls a bit - we're not going for Shirley Temple ringlets here.  Recommended spray: Sally Hershberger Shagg Spray.  It smells great and won't make your hair sticky.
  • Finishing Spray- again, don't want to weigh down your hair.  Look for a spray that still allows movement but will keep your curls intact all day.  Recommended finishing spray: Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray. 
Wash and condition hair as your normally would.  Attach the diffuser to your blow dryer.  Flip head over and dry underside of hair.  Flip upright and finish drying with the diffuser.  Unless you have naturally curly hair, you won't have curls at this point.  We're just building a foundation of texture for the real curls to work with.  

Section off hair so that you can curl 1 inch pieces with the curling iron.  If you'd prefer less curl and texture, curl 1.5 to 2 inch sections of hair.  To create spiral curls, clamp the iron around the middle of a strand.  Twirl it vertically up the hair shaft.  Gently release the curling iron's spring and simultaneously slide it down the hair shaft while twirling.  This takes some practice.  Don't worry - it's not just you being uncoordinated. 

Once your entire head is curled and cooled, liberally apply the shagg spray all over.  Pull out the hair dryer again and lightly blast your hair while running your fingers through it, loosening the curls. I like mine kind of messy, so I really go to town with the shagg spray.  If you like yours a little more structured, just give your hair a quick once-over.  

 Once you've created an effect that you love, seal the deal with a blast of hair spray.  Voila!  Perfectly imperfect fall hair. 


  1. OMG- I love the T3 Twirl! It's seriously expensive but so worth it. I've used it every day for a long time and I know it'll last forever. Never shopped on Misikko but am going to check them out. Thanks!

  2. See, this would have been helpful to read BEFORE I did this: Messy curls from Glamour. I'll have to try it your way when I get back from vacation. Have you tried curling with a flat iron? I just heard about it and looked up a few videos, and it looks totally doable for me. Then again, I'm clearly delusional about what is doable with my skills....

  3. OMG I did this today and my hair looks so cute! Thanks!

  4. Jen, the Messy Curls from Glamour post was so so funny! Love that. It did remind me that I didn't mention how long you should leave your hair in the curling iron - I usually count to five. I'm still laughing... Let me know how the post-vacation effort goes!

  5. I am lucky enough to have wavy hair - wait, rephrase, half wavy. One side of my head looks perfectly bed headed / tousled. Other half, like I never met a brush or comb. Maybe this can help me even it out.

    Jen - The cut I just got, the stylist used a narrow flat iron, totally doable, and for people who already own one, maybe one less device? (I don't own either a curling iron or a straightener, cause before, my hair was so short)

  6. I have curled my hair with a flat iron too. I really liked it. I got less obvious ringlets compared to my curling iron.

  7. I actually found a video on Youtube showing how to curl with a flat iron, and it looks absolutely doable to me - like curling a ribbon. I may have to buy a flat iron and try it, but I want to get a good one... hm, maybe Christmas, eh?

    Glad you found my tale amusing :) I just found your blog and have been reading it voraciously, but alas, we woke up at 4am eastern and it's now 10pm pacific... must crash, not read about eyeliner....

  8. I love the way you mentioned. Also i love the product T3 Twirl.
    By the way, i use chi flat iron for my curly hair.


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