Friday, July 25, 2008

My Favorite Yoga Pose?

Hands down, the Goddess pose. Aside from being fun (who knew yoga incorporated jazz hands?), the name alone is enough to make it tops in my book. And you know what? I even feel kind of goddess-ey while doing it. No, this is not me doing yoga. It's an illustrative photo that I found on Fit Sugar. Doesn't that look like fun? I'm relatively new to yoga, but am really enjoying it so far. It's the first fitness endeavor I've taken on that's yielded noticeable results immediately. I can feel an improvement in my flexibility over the course of a single class. So that's highly motivational. But you know...I could really use some cute yoga outfits. I think the right clothes could really help improve my balance. And flexibility. And overall well-being.
Danskin Plus Cotton Bootleg Lycra Pant - comfortable and versatile enough that I could meet up with friends for a post-workout cup of coffee (ok fine, glass of wine) without feeling all gym-sey.
I like these roll-top waist Yoga Capris from Junonia. They come in black, white, and ice blue too. It'd be really easy to suddenly find yourself wearing these 24/7, though. They should come with a caution label.
When it comes to yoga tops, I like mine to be a little fitted. Otherwise, mine flips upside down and over my head every time I try a downward dog. Not cool. This cuffed t-shirt from Old Navy, on the other hand, is super cool. It comes in a variety of great colors, too. Old Navy's basic ribbed tanks are also great for working out. They're long enough that you won't be self-conciously pulling the tank down over your hips, and light enough to layer a couple for maximum cuteness.

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  1. Wow, I'm really surprised that Goddess pose is your favorite. Really. Look at me, this is my surprised face.

    Nice job on the blog and I'm so proud of you for trying yoga!


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