Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's in the Details

For as much interest as there is in clothing and style and fashion (all completely different things, by the way), you have to recognize the fact that a shirt is a shirt and pants are pants. What sets one shirt apart from another? What sets you and your style apart from another?
The Angelina low-cut blouse from Kiyonna is a pretty basic black top. Polyester/spandex knit, plunging neckline. I'm sure you've got a top like this already in your closet. What would it look like with the addition of a sparkly something attached at the most flattering focal point, like this one? The addition of a sparkly pin right in between the breasts creates
  • a visual focal point, which can be adjusted to create curves and shape to the body
  • subtle sex appeal; it looks like the top is being held together by one very delicate little pin...
  • a dash of style

Give this a thought as you scour your closet, trying to find something to wear. What do you already have, and how could you amp up the style factor by adding a special detail:

  • a brightly colored scarf to the handle of your everyday black bag
  • a pair of diamond studs to the back of your updo
  • pull your bangs to the side with a small barette
  • a belt over that just-a-little-too-big tunic (or a piece of ribbon in a pinch!)

When thinking about making additions to your wardrobe, don't always immediately go for new articles of clothing. Think about what you can add to those pieces you already know and love in order to make them feel new and special.

Photo credit: Kiyonna.com

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