Monday, July 14, 2008

Do you Blog?

While reading through the comments that you guys leave me, I've been introduced to some really fantastic blogs and sites.  I know what it's like to enter the blogosphere, wondering if anyone will ever find you.  Will people read what I write?  Do I want people to read what I write?  (For me, yes!)  I've been fortunate enough to have been picked up by a few other bloggers who have shared me with their readers...and so the cycle goes.  

If you write a blog or a site that you'd like to let the Bombshell readers know about, send me an email at with a link.  I'll put together a post on July 24th highlighting those blogs.*   It'll be a win-win all around; those of you who write will get some exposure, and those of us who read will get some fun new sites to peruse when we should be working or doing laundry or something. 

I'll use  personal discretion in which blogs I share (i.e. if your site is all about how much you love to kick puppies or something, I won't be sharing the love).  

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  1. I'm not for everybody, but I have NEVER kicked a puppy...


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