Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beauty Moment- Hollywood Fashion Tape

I know that Hollywood Fashion Tape is not new to the scene. It's been around. But for some reason, I've always thought it was kind of stupid. Taping your clothes together? Or taping them to yourself? No thanks. That was before I wore my spontaneously gaping top to work today.

The button-down shirt fit fine when I got dressed. Everything buttoned and lay flat as it should. Until about 10:30 when, for no apparent reason, the fabric rebelled and started pulling apart at my bra. A co-worker who was probably a Girl Scout in another lifetime appeared with the Hollywood Fashion Tape. I applied the clear, double-sided tape along the fabric underneath the shirts buttons and then pressed them together. Stuck like a dream. Over-exposure averted. I was beyond impressed. I was also no longer self-conciously tugging at my top. So I was wrong. It's not stupid. It's just as amazing as everyone else has always said it was.

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