Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beauty Moment- Anastasia Brows

I'm somewhat obsessed with the state of my eyebrows.  I love perfectly groomed brows but  hate going to the salon and having them waxed or plucked.  Can't tell you why but the second I lean back in the waxing chair, I get antsy. Start tapping my feet, looking around (not helpful or smart when hot wax is right above my face), counting down the moments until I can escape.   I've seen Anastasia, brow guru to the stars, on Oprah, in a million magazines and have eyeballed her products at Sephora.  I've wanted some Anastasia in my life.  

I finally got it, in the form of her All About Brows Kit.   The kit comes in a pink nylon zipper bag. It contains a compact of brow powder (2 shades in the compact, available in Ash Blonde, Medium Ash and Brunette), clear setting gel, a dual ended brush, the best pair of tweezers I've ever used, and 4 brow stencils.  I've purchased stencils before and hated them - they were hard to maneuver and none of them came close to my natural eyebrow shape.  Anastasia's are made of some miracle plastic that kind of sticks to your skin.  You still have to keep one hand on the stencil, but the stick factor helps.  And I was delighted to find out that I am a Petite Arch - a perfect match to my natural shape.

As I said, the tweezers are the best I've ever used.  They have a very sharp tip that grabs even the smallest hairs.  They are calibrated so as to not require a lot of pressure to close them, which means no hand cramping.  Used together, this kit has finally given me the professional-looking brows I want without a trip to the salon. 

Each piece of Anastasia's All About Brows Kit is available on it's own, so if you already have, say, a great brow gel or setting powder, you can still pick up the tweezers and stencils- which I think are the set's must-haves.   On this holiday weekend (during which the malls are still open all day!), take a break from the sun and BBQ.  Head to Sephora.  Meet Anastasia.  And get yourself some beautiful brows. 

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  1. I'm so with you! The tweezers are so precise. Even better than Tweezerman.


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