Monday, July 7, 2008

After a weekend of kicking back in casual clothes, I'm ready to glam it up a bit. So I'm on the hunt for cute tops to wear with dark cropped jeans and a towering pair of sandals. So far, here are the front runners for a night out on the town this weekend (is it wrong that I'm already thinking of next weekend on a Monday morning?):
I like the fact that Missphit always puts a lot of thought in their designs. This is a pretty simple halter top, made special with an electric fuschia color and girly flower detail at the neckline. It's made of a very light cotton gauze which means I won't be sweating on the dance floor. Unless Paperboy's The Ditty comes on. But that won't be because my clothes are too heavy.
This top from Babyphat caught my eye because of the dramatic ruffled neckline. It's not what I'd usually go for, but for some reason it makes me want to shake it. The ruffles might be a bit much on a Bombshell with a chest, but I think it's got potential. Now this one is for the ladies who are busty - show a little cleavage without fear of letting the girls completely loose. This scoop neck top comes in tangerine and brown, but I like this garnet color. It's a really flattering shade on most skin tones.
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